Jio vs Airtel: Jio ends up proving Airtel claim is not only true but may just be even faster


The current brawl in the social media world has been between the two leading telecom operators of India – Airtel and Jio. With Ookla certifying Airtel as the fastest network in the country, Reliance Jio claims the certification to be inaccurate. Jio’s argument states that speed test on dual sim phones can possibly tag Jio’s data to Airtel, hence, the test result are incorrect.

Ookla has responded by rubbishing all these claims and saying that they have multiple ways of ascertaining the ACTIVE CARRIER in a speed test beyond what is on display. These are fool proof things like IP which absolutely cannot go wrong.

For a second let’s try and understand what the whole fiasco is all about!

JIO’S WORD – Dual sim phone’s results are attributed to SIM ‘slot 1’ irrespective if the data is in SIM ‘slot 2’. Honestly, sim slots do not make any difference in the speedtest as the criteria depend upon the “calling” sim.That mean if in a dual sim phone, sim slot 1 has data sim and sim slot 2 has voice calling sim then the speedtest would attribute to sim slot 2.

Now in any “Android” dual sim phones, there are two scenarios:

1.      Jio is the 4G data sim and Airtel is voice only – Here jio is claiming that Jio is getting wrongly attributed towards Airtel

2.      Airtel is the 4G data sim and Jio is voice only – Since Jio does not have a 2G/3G network, the Jio sim would automatically de-register itself from being the calling SIM. Hence, Airtel samples are attributed to Airtel itself.


Since Jio cannot get registered as a Calling SIM, therefore, it is clear that the corruption of sample can only happen from JIO to AIRTEL and not vice versa. Considering Ookla has give Airtel an average of 8.76 and 7.47 to Jio. It can be said that Jio’s slow speed is in fact pulling down Airtel’s. Further, if we separate Jio’s count from Airtel’s, the numbers are only going to go up. Simple Maths!

It won’t be wrong if we get to know Airtel is even faster than what Ookla claims.

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