Learn About Technology That Can Keep Your Company’s Data Secure

Why Is Data Literacy Critical For Your Team Keep Your Company’s Data Secure
Keep Your Company’s Data Secure

It’s critical to keep your company’s data secure to protect your organization, employees, and customers. However, at a time when companies are working remotely to keep everyone safe, there are multiple dangers on the horizon.

Studies from cybersecurity experts have noted that organizations aren’t ready for the escalating number of online attacks from hackers. Additionally, remote computers can be exposed to spills from drinks like coffee, or falls, especially with workers juggling work and family lives at home. Here are some pieces of technology that can keep your company prepared for multiple undesirable events.

Keep Your Company’s Data Secure

Data Secure
Data Secure

#1 Rugged Computers

Many businesses want to know: what is a rugged computer and how can it improve my organization’s data security? In a nutshell, a rugged computer is a tougher machine than your store-bought PC from conventional manufacturers.

A rugged PC is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, shock from falls, and more. More businesses use such computers to protect their data and the integrity of their operations. Rugged PCs are especially useful outdoors, on factory floors, or for remote workers.

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Thankfully, rugged PCs don’t make any compromises with performance. They are customized with the latest components, including top-of-the-line processors, memory, and fast Solid State Drives.

#2 Cloud Computing

There’s a chance of your data getting corrupted even with the best precautions. That’s why you need to rely on cloud computing services to back up your data regularly. In case your company suffers a ransomware attack, your data can be recovered after the threat is remediated.

#3 Encrypted Hard Drives

It’s a good idea to keep all locally stored data on encrypted hard drives with strong passwords. Even if your computers are hacked or stolen, a criminal will be unable to steal your information from a storage drive with the highest encryption level.

#4 Network Firewall

Your network firewall is a network barrier that controls traffic and blocks unwanted programs such as viruses from infecting your computer. Every employee in your company should enable firewalls on their computers to protect their networks from malicious traffic.

Aside from the firewall on the computer’s operating system, it would help if you also used the firewall on your routers for added protection.

#5 Virtual Private Network

Purchase a corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to secure your network further. A VPN will encrypt your network data, making it nearly impossible for a hacker to crack it. It will also secure mobile company computers that are using public Internet connections. Usually, public networks are unsafe to use with VPN encryption.

#6 Third-Party Antivirus Software

It’s a mistake to rely on your Windows or Mac’s antivirus software to protect your company. With ransomware and spyware attacks on the rise, you must invest in an endpoint business security system that uses anti-malware technology designed to thwart sophisticated malware attacks.

A sound cybersecurity system for businesses will quickly secure all computers and devices used by your organization. A comprehensive antivirus system is also handy if your employees use their own devices to connect to company servers.

These are six types of technology your business needs to secure its data. The right hardware and software can ensure that your organization continues to run smoothly.

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