Key Features of Any Good Bespoke Content Management System


A good content management system is an incredibly effective method of helping your website thrive. For your business’ digital exposure to grow, there are countless strategies and tactics that can be implemented but every solution begins with the same basic step – high-quality content.

The purpose of a bespoke content management system (CMS) is to help you control, update and create exceptional digital assets for your website, whilst simultaneously measuring the effects of your changes to enable continual improvement. This makes a CMS useful no matter what your business is; whether you’re setting up a business blog or building a new website from scratch.

To help you find the best CMS available, we have compiled a list of the most important features for you to look out for. Please note, there are plenty more services that the perfect CMS should include, these are just some of the most important.

Mobile Support

Since Google’s Mobile First update, it’s become even more important for businesses to ensure their websites are mobile ready. This means that an effective CMS must allow you to publish optimized mobile pages easily. Furthermore, the statistics behind your changes to your mobile site must be trackable – this is the very bread and butter of marketing after all.

Every competent CMS must be mobile-friendly. Businesses simply can’t afford to sacrifice the quality of their mobile sites anymore.

Easy User Interface

Though it may seem obvious, this is an issue that many bespoke content management systems don’t consider properly. A clear and concise user interface is essential for not only the creation and publishing of content but also for the analysis of this content’s effectiveness. Analytics data must be easy to find, easy to absorb and above all else, detailed.

If you are spending multiple minutes trawling through menus and different screens to locate data, then your CMS is not doing its job correctly.

Security Management


For obvious reasons, security is one of the most important aspects of any good CMS. Usually, this is ensured through the use of content permissions and user roles, controlling what people can change and access. However, security is a shared responsibility between the business owner and the CMS itself, so be sure to keep an eye on who has access to what, otherwise you will invite data breaches and security risks.

Marketing and SEO Applications

A CMS has more responsibilities than just managing the content on your website. A good CMS will give you data on your changes and content, showing you the statistics that will help you improve and develop. This is why all high-quality content management systems should feature marketing and SEO applications that will help you grow your digital exposure and perfect your campaigns.

An extension of this point is that many CMSes now offer a newsletter and email marketing on top of their other features. This is invaluable for both tracking successfulness and freeing up capital that would usually be spent on a service dedicated to email campaign management.

Multilingual Support

In today’s interconnected world, communication is key. A good CMS will make that communication easier with multilingual features of varying degrees, from translation management to right-to-left language implementation. Make sure that you investigate what your CMS can do regarding accessibility before settling for it.

As a Final Point

As mentioned initially, these features aren’t the only ones that you should be concerned about when selecting a CMS. Other great features like multi-site compatibility and plugin integrations should also be investigated to ensure you find the optimal bespoke content management system. Saying that, the features mentioned above will separate the good systems from the great ones. Make sure that you do adequate research before selecting one for your business.

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