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Key Features of Successful Android Apps with Security

As far as the mobile phone users are concerned, security is one of the main issues that they face at the moment. Mobile phones are exposed to virus and malware attacks. If your mobile become the victim of virus and malware attacks, you may lose your very important data, information, personal details and files. So, none of you will agree to virus and malware attacks that are very common in the field at present. There is always a need to protect your android phone from the virus attacks so that you can keep your files and data safe.
In the present day, we can see apps for almost anything from entertainment to cookery tutorials. We live in a world where android apps have a huge role to play in our daily lives. Android apps have the ability to protect your mobile phone and it’s important files from virus and malware harms. Since android is well aware of the importance of security, it have introduced many android apps for the security of mobile phones. Android incorporates crucial security features and works with developers to keep the Android platform and device safe. Here are some key features of successful android apps with security:

Application Sandbox

Android has been the fastest growing operating system but it look as if having a security problem. Thanks to Application Sandbox, Android is so effective when it comes to security. Application Sandbox is a key feature of all Android apps. It helps your mobile device to keep protected even if malware or virus is opened by mistake. Application Sandbox lets you to forbid accessing any other apps on an android mobile device. Generally every Android application runs in Application Sandbox and each application is placed in a virtual sandbox to keep it from accessing anything outer itself. So, it denotes that though users were to by accident install a piece of malware, it’s banned from accessing any other app on the device.

Android Device Manager

A lot of people used to face the issues of losing their mobile phones. Losing your mobile phones will leave you to misplace some of your important data and files. You can escape from losing data and files if you have Android Device Manager in your mobile phone. Android Device Manager is a great tool that lets you to locate lost devices and helps you keep your device as well as the data inside it safe and secure. It allows you to trace Android devices related with your Google account, reset your device’s screen lock PIN and remove all data on the phone. If you lose your mobile device, you can make use of Android Device Manager to locate its approximate place on a map and when it was last used.

Code Signing

Code signing can give quite a few important features in android apps. The most common use of code signing is to make available security when deploying. Code signing is the procedure of digitally signing executables and scripts to verify the software author and make sure that the code has not been changed later on. The procedure Code signing consists of the use of a cryptographic hash in order to authenticate genuineness and reliability. More or less all code signing execution will give some type of digital signature device to confirm the identity of the author or build system. It makes sure that your device is safe from harms.

Screen Lock and Encryption

Screen lock and encryption helps you to make sure that your mobile device is protected of cannot be used by outside people. You can have a screen lock and encryption enabled in your android mobile devices with the intention of further improving your phone security. There are a lot of types of screen locks obtainable in the market to select from such as password, pin, pattern and face unlock. You should ensure that your screen lock cannot be accessed by outside people and when your create it; try not to make it effortless for hackers to presume your password.
The clear benefit of encrypting your Android device is that it makes your data much more secure. Android encryption presents a better level of security for your data. Android encryption provides additional security for the data stored on your phone. If your phone is lost or stolen, you don’t need to worried if your mobile is encrypted because people who stolen your mobile may not be able to access your personal or business data being accessed and use it against you.

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