The Key Mistakes of the Essay on Technology

The Key Mistakes of the Essay on Technology

If you are not a professional technical writer or do not have enough knowledge and experience to write an efficient essay on technology, then you can ask for an advice or have your essay written by real professionals. Such services are provided by special companies, for example, WriteMyEssayOnline. There are quite many such websites but you should be very careful while selecting one that is most suitable for you. Not every resource ensures the high quality of the written essay. Mind that and choose only proved sites.

Content duplication

It is obvious that duplicated content can be easily noticed. It is necessary not to copy the same text from different resources and paste these fragments directly to your essay. No plagiarism is acceptable. In the essay on technology, you should express your own thoughts or provide the results of your analysis.

Incorrect usage of quotations

According to the rule, quotation marks should be used only when the words of the original author are used in the text without any modifications. But you should not put in quotes your own words about some matter. Do not forget about plagiarism.

Incomplete sentences

This point is connected with grammar. Every English sentence should have both subject and predicate. Quite often the sentences can be incomplete – they do not have either subject or verb. It may seem strange but the practice shows that this is rather wide-spread issue, especially for complex sentences.

Usage of the second person

It is recommended to avoid the usage of the second person in the essays on technology. Instead of pronoun ‘you’, it is better to write ‘one’. The essays on technology should be written in the formal style.

Spelling mistakes

Nowadays, a huge number of various spell-checking programs are available. It is recommended to use several checkers. The essay with poor grammar will negatively influence on the readers. Besides that, it is very important to write correctly complex words – whether they are written with a hyphen or without it. Always double check the final version of your essay.

Avoid constructions

In the formal texts, it is recommended not to use constructions. Mind that while writing the essays on a technology topic.

Incorrect title

Rather often you pay attention to the title of the article and it seems that it suits you. But you start reading, you understand that the content does not match the actual title and you just waste your time. So while choosing the title for your essay, be very careful in order not to repeat the same mistake.

Text size

The usage of too many words is not always better. In such a case, there is a high possibility that you can make more mistakes – grammar as well as punctuation errors. Besides that, when the text is rather large and full of new and unknown information, then it will be quite difficult to comprehend everything clearly without any misconceptions. Thus, a too short essay will show that you are not well-equated with selected topic.

Follow these tips and will write an impressive and effective essay on technology topic.

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