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Hey guys if you are just frustrated by using your keys in old way then this Key chain is for you. As we all know carrying so many Keys on daily basis is a real pain, as it often makes our sitting uncomfortably. The Alternative, hanging keys from your belt is also a option but it always gives you a jiggling sound and will make you feel annoy. So, the KeySmart 2.0 is being designed and made to just remove the old way of handing keys. You must be wondering what is it? how it will work? what will be the price? so let begin.

KeySmart 2.0

The KeySmart 2.0 converts your whole mess of keys into a small, thin portable assembled solution which can never be possible in traditional keychains. By, the use of KeySmart, most standard size keys are being  layered on between two aluminum handles, which makes your keys looks like a “Swiss Army Knife”. The base model fits up to four keys, but in my case as i am having a bit thick keys they are only able to handle two keys in it.

KeySmart 2.0

Fewer keys require small spacers while assembly, where as if you increase the keys you need to get an additional expansion pack from there website. The frame can also put up Metal USB drives in the space of two key slots. As the Keysmart is handling different keys with different sizes it need to be tighten by using the screws which they are having on the top of it.

KeySmart 2.0

I just love to use Keysmart 2.0 on my daily basis and will refer you as well if you are getting annoying by using the old key chains. This Keysmart is being a hand made product and is available in different colors. you can also buy different accessories with this from there website.

KeySmart 2.0

In the package they also include a hook using which you can also attach this keysmart with your old key chains like with belt etc.

KeySmart 2.0


  • Simpl way for storing multiple keys silently
  • Easy-to-carry-frame with slim finish.
  • Expansions are available so thatmore keys can be added.
  • Keyring loop, split ring,  included in the box


  • Assembling it take a bit time.

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You can also check out our video on Keysmart 2.0:

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