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Kia’s K-Charge Initiative: Revolutionizing EV Charging with 1000+ Stations Nationwide

Kia India takes a pioneering step in the electric vehicle (EV) landscape with the launch of the innovative K-Charge Initiative. This industry-first move, accessible through the ‘MyKia’ app, aims to alleviate Range Anxiety by offering users access to a vast network of over 1000 EV charging stations across the country.

Strategic Collaborations:

Kia has partnered with five Charge Point Operators (CPOs) – Statiq, ChargeZone, Relux Electric, Lion Charge, and E-Fill chargers. This strategic collaboration ensures a robust and widespread EV charging infrastructure, incorporating global best practices and safety protocols. Notably, Kia has forged a special tie-up with Relux Electric, granting Kia customers three months of free charging through Relux Charging stations.

Accessible to All:

In a customer-centric move, Kia extends access to this charging network to non-Kia customers as well. This inclusivity reflects Kia’s commitment to enhancing the overall EV user experience and contributing to the widespread adoption of sustainable mobility solutions.

Seamless User Experience:

K-Charge, integrated into the ‘MyKia’ app, provides users with a seamless and user-friendly experience. Through the app, users can easily discover, locate, and pay for charging services. The integration with Map My India allows users to view and locate charging stations through an interactive map, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Future Vision: EV for All:

Hardeep Singh Brar, National Head of Sales and Marketing at Kia India, emphasizes that K-Charge is more than a convenience initiative; it’s a step towards making sustainable mobility convenient and accessible for everyone. Kia’s vision, encapsulated in ‘EV for All,’ outlines an ambitious plan to achieve an annual sales target of one million EVs by 2026 and further expand to 1.6 million units annually by 2030.

As Kia paves the way for a sustainable and convenient EV future in India, K-Charge stands out as a significant milestone in enhancing the EV ownership experience and accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles across the nation.

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