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Know the Tips to Take the Best Photographs This Summer

Holiday season is coming soon and so is the harsh sun and scorching heat. But this should not prevent you from making some amazing pictures and turning them into lifelong memories. Photographs are the best way to create a memoir for you to revisit. A good picture can speak a thousand words but all are not good at this art. A few tips might help you in creating a perfect holiday album this summer.

  • No harsh light, please – midday sunlight is too bright and it will spoil your pictures. Early morning rays are the best tie to capture some moments. Light is soft and creates perfect shadows. Dawn time sunlight has warmer hues and it is good time to take pictures but if it falls indirectly on any subject, it will portray as blue. So keep this in mind while taking photographs at this of time of day. Same applies for the dusk or twilight time. However little variations can be done according to the angle of the sun at your place or latitude.
  • Be creative with images at different times of day – try your photographing skill by selecting a single spot or scene and try you capture it at different angles and at different times of day, sometimes with shadows and sometimes with direct light. You’ll be amazed at the results. This type of exercise will explore your talent and you’ll know which angle works best for your photos. Just keep in mind that direct light makes short shadows which are best for emphasizing on larger shapes like tombstones, landscape etc. diffuse light works best for flowers. Shots of water and land come best in the late afternoon. If you still want to work a bit more on your image to give it that perfect professional look you should try professional photo editor RetouchMe.
  • Magnify summer colors – colors look bright in summer and in spring. It is the best time for natural beauty to be captured. Early morning or late afternoon is the best time to capture colors of nature which will be magnified with early morning rays. Adding a filter may also create some good results.
  • Using flash for close up shots will reduce the effect of shadows, thus giving you a better quality of a photo.
  • A story with pictures – a day toady activities can be shown in a relating to how a day is spent. Starting with energy and activity and then moving towards a relaxed afternoon. The retreating of heat in late afternoon again paces the activity. This natural flow of activities depicted in your photography can spell a story. The garden blooms can be well captured in abundance and long shots can create beautiful landscape pictures.
  • Capturing the most natural subjects – photographs come best when the subject is having fun and not. When a person is genuinely engrossed in something, his photograph will be more interesting than when he has to pose in a certain way, so take photos at natural poses, not particularly making everyone say ‘cheese’ all the time. Be an impromptu photographer and capture some true

So pick up your camera and start clicking some amazing memories this summer !!

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