Lawyers Need Phones with Superior Encryption and Security Measures

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It’s not hard to understand why a lawyer should want to keep anyone else from seeing their sensitive information. Everybody has data that would be valuable to an identity thief, but lawyers have an abundance of privileged information that could be especially ruinous were it to leak.

Many people rely on free communication platforms that offer “end-to-end encryption,” and this phrase makes it sound as if there are no security vulnerabilities. Lawyers can’t afford to risk their clients’ information going public, nor sensitive data about themselves.

The market’s most advanced encryption keeps them secure, as does a raft of other advanced features which protect their livelihoods even if the phone gets misplaced or stolen.

Military-Grade Encryption

Not all forms of “end-to-end encryption” are equally sophisticated. Lawyers need to get industry-leading encryption, and free communication platforms offering encryption that’s “end-to-end” don’t necessarily have the world’s most advanced security.

If encryption is military-grade, lawyers can feel confident that it will keep them and their communications protected. The best encrypted phone on the market encompasses both PGP and Elliptical Curve Cryptography, and there are platforms that differentiate between internal and external users.

External users default to PGP encryption, while internal users rely on Curve25519 with the option to fall back on PGP encryption if desired. Lest this sound confusing, the most secure platforms are designed so that non-technical users can navigate them easily.

Ease of Use

Historically, encrypted communication platforms were either too complicated for everyday users or too time-consuming to rely on day in and day out. Now, the world’s most sophisticated encryption is at everybody’s fingertips.

The streamlined user experience makes encryption intuitive to use. There’s no need to toggle back and forth between apps because all the features you’ll want on your phone are right there in the same place.

Lawyers bill for their time, so they can’t afford to waste a minute navigating a complicated device.

Many Other Security Features

Hackers and identity thieves are looking for your information any way they can get it. Their goal is to ascertain sensitive data, not necessarily decrypt your communications. If they can obtain this information some other method, they’ll do it just as eagerly!

That’s why the most secure platforms have a suite of other advanced security features to shut them out. Voice and picture messaging are also encrypted, as lawyers may have photos and voice notes on their phone that are as sensitive as any email or text message.

Scheduled burn functionality means you can set an end date for content you don’t want to be seen beyond a certain time, and the notes, messages, and pictures will be destroyed on both devices, even if there’s no internet connection. Control the shelf-life of the content you want most under wraps.

Create a duress password so that your phone will instantly delete any sensitive information stored on your phone if someone tries to enter the wrong password too many times. These types of measures keep your phone and livelihood safe, even if the device gets misplaced or stolen.

Sometimes group chats make for more efficient communications. Leading platforms require only three steps to get a secure group chat started with full functionality, including features like voice, picture, and urgent messages. Anonymous group chats have these features, too, as well as randomly generated names.

The bedrock feature of an encrypted phone is the private key, which never leaves the device. Having a multi-layered approach to security ensures there are no gaps anywhere in the process, and that’s the key.

Multiple Languages

Lawyers may need to interact with people from across the world and from all stations in life. It’s essential to have a communications platform that is compatible with multiple languages.

Find a platform available in English, Russian, German, Dutch, Swedish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and more. Lawyers shouldn’t be limited in who they can represent or communicate with.

Modern technology has made it easy for people everywhere to stay connected. Still, security pitfalls are a major drawback unless you have industry-leading encryption and other features to keep yourself safe. Lawyers can’t afford to risk their professional reputation and their clients’ well-being on free communication apps that have been proven insecure time and time again.

We’ve seen what happens when law firms’ communications are compromised: the hackers can make random demands for tens of millions of dollars that get reported on in major news outlets, shattering hard-earned reputations overnight. Legal professionals can enjoy peace of mind and operate efficiently, but they need military-grade encryption.

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