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Le 1s Eco with #Supertainment – Worth buying?

Hi, guys! After the LeEco #Supertainment event held in Mumbai, there is a lot of hype on social media and in the market as to “what’s new” in this device? And is it worth to buy or not?

Here are the answers to all your questions…

1. What’s new in the Le 1s Eco? Hardware?

Le 1s Eco comes with the same metal build which we saw in the Le 1s – you can see our previous videos of the Le 1s if you haven’t already. The only difference in hardware specification is that the Le 1s Eco has an under-clocked processor to resolve heating issues and improve RAM management. It doesn’t affect usability and performance – there is no lag.

2. Again, What’s new in the Le 1s Eco?

Looking at the “REAL” new features of the Le 1s Eco, you will be shocked to hear of what is being offered at this price – its just awesome!

First, if you haven’t already, go to Flipkart and register for the flash sale. The second flash sale is on May 19th and you can own a Le 1s Eco at an introductory price of Rs. 9,999 with some mind-blowing offers. Go and register now!


Secondly, at this discounted price you are getting some exclusive #Supertainment features which will is nothing short of a blockbuster deal!

Levidi :

Levidi techniblogic

LeEco has finally announced their partnership with Eros and now SuperPhone users can enjoy more than 2,000 movie titles through the ‘Levidi‘ app as long as they have a LeEco Membership. LeEco is the first company to offer a wealth of content at such a reasonable price. A few months ago, Netflix launched its services in India but it only has content for international audiences and isn’t for everyone.



LeEco has also announced a partnership with Yupp TV through which SuperPhone users can enjoy more than 100 live TV channels via the ‘LIVE’ app. Even better, you can stream up to 9 TV channels simultaneously on this app! Of course, the quality of this experience also depends on your internet connection.


Levidi and LIVE are included in the same LeEco Membership package at no extra cost. This is a sweet deal but wait, LeEco decided to sweeten it further!

Le Music:


LeEco also announced a partnership with Hungama Music, India’s largest on-demand music destination. So, users can now stream and listen to over 2.5 million music tracks and even save them offline for listening later! This means no more hunting for MP3 downloads from illegal sources – you can easily stream without paying any extra money, as everything is being included in the LeEco Membership.

LeEco Drive:

Le1s-Eco-Offers -techniblogic

The best thing about the LeEco Membership, for me, is the mind-boggling 5TB (TeraByte) cloud storage that LeEco is giving away! Yes, it is 5TB – you can read it twice. It will take regular person years to upload that much data on the cloud. I just love this one! Bye bye Google Drive!

Now, we come to the LeEco Membership pricing – it is Rs. 490 per month or Rs. 4,900 per year! That’s a killer price for all the services bundled in but all Le 1s Eco buyers get 1 year of LeEco Membership for free!

Bottomline, LeEco is giving you a great device AND 1 year LeEco Membership at just Rs. 9,999! I think this is a no-brainer deal and, if you haven’t already, you should grab it! The second flash sale will be up on 19th May, so don’t miss the action go and get one.

The second flash sale is on May 19th and you can own a Le 1s Eco at an introductory price of Rs. 9,999 with some mind-blowing offers.


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