Lenovo’s Work for Humankind Initiative Revives Traditional Millet Farming in Kanthalloor, Kerala

Lenovo’s Work For Humankind initiative

Lenovo, the global technology powerhouse, celebrates a triumph as its Work for Humankind Initiative achieves the successful resurgence of six millet varieties in Kanthalloor, Kerala. Branded as Kanthalloor Millets, these varieties will find a place in local homestays and Anganwadi schools, showcasing the positive impact of Lenovo’s tech-driven prototype model on millet cultivation, production processes, and market linkages.

Key Achievements and Initiatives:

  1. Digital Center Empowerment:
    • Establishment of the Lenovo Digital Center for Kanthalloor Millets at IHRD College for Applied Sciences, Kanthalloor.
    • Providing digital access to the farming community for information on government schemes, crop insurance, diversification schemes, subsidies, and millet cultivation methods.
    • Farmers using smartphones to stay connected with the digital center, volunteers, and the community.
  2. Strategic Partnerships:
    • Collaboration with Samudra Network and Agri App to digitize the agricultural value chain for millet farming in Kanthalloor.
    • Digitization includes crop detail tracking, processing operations for quality control, and the creation of a market catalog.
  3. Community Impact and Testimonials:
    • Positive response from Kanthalloor Gram Panchayat President, Kanth Mohandas, highlighting the successful revival of traditional farming practices.
    • Recognition of millet’s historical significance in Kanthalloor and gratitude towards Lenovo and project partners.
  4. Women-Empowered Millet Processing Center:
    • Establishment of a millet processing center run by women members of the Kudumbashree Self-Help Group in Kanthalloor.
    • Offering services to the farming community, purchasing millets from farmers, ensuring timely payments, and serving as a seed bank and sales hub for Kanthalloor Millets.

Pratima Harite, Head of Asia Pacific CSR & Philanthropy, Lenovo Foundation, emphasized the transformative impact of technology in reviving millet cultivation, making communities market-ready. Kanthalloor Gram Panchayat President, Kanth Mohandas, expressed gratitude and affirmed long-term support for the initiative.

Lenovo’s Work for Humankind Initiative stands as a testament to its commitment to creating a more inclusive world through smarter technology solutions. The success in Kanthalloor showcases how access to technology can transform communities, revive traditions, and promote sustainable agriculture.

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