LG V20 – All features explained !


LG has launched so many devices till now, and each one of them has something unique feature and innovation in it. A few months back they have added the first modular phone in their series by launching LG G5, and after there, launch Motorola came up with their first Modular phone Moto Z.


But now, LG has revealed another flagship in the market LG V20 with some killer specs and some excellent innovative function. Surprisingly, we got our hands-on early at the time of launch and take my words the device has some really unique feature which can be used very professionally for doing so many creative works.

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LG had this time made a device with style, music and added some innovation which is used in our daily use. So coming to our first hands-on overview:

Built and Design

Now coming to the built quality of LG V20, it seems to be perfect. This time they have used aircraft quality aluminum with some silicone padding, which helps the device to protect himself while a drop from a certain height. At the launch, we have tested the live drop test, and the video is already attached over here:

Overall, the built is great. Now coming to the design part of the phone, it seems to be identical to its previous model LG G5. Rest we, will explain it further in our Full Review.

Unique Features


HD Audio –  This time first time ever any brand has added B&O HD earphone with the there package and take my words it sounds really awesome. Using B&O earphones with LG V20 makes it better because they have added DAC audio technology inbuilt. We can even record our audio by using Studio Mode in the HD Audio Recorder that supports manual audio recording ( I know you have never heard of that on any phone.) You can also check out the official company website for more details.

Photo and Video: While testing the Camera for a while on LG V20 it looks great. They have added a Wide Angle Lens in front camera which is for 120 Degree, as well as in Rear Camera there you can find the wide angle of 35 Degree and 75 Degree. This time they have added Dual rear camera.

While recording the Video also, they have added OIS as well as EIS for best stable shots which you can take without using any tripod. They have also added some kind of Noise reduction mic using which it will only record the audio on which the camera is being focused.You can also Exchange your old smartphone for a new LG V20 and get discount of Rs.20,000 off*

Rest, Stay connected with us for videos and Full Review.

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