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The best location tracker app for parents

The parents want to protect their kids from anything and want to see where their kids are going and what they are watching on their mobile. They need a location tracker app to do this so. There are many mobile phone tracker apps for your kids on the internet, but how you will find the best solution.

In this article, I will introduce a Parental Control app that is best for your family and kids to control. Its name is the FamiSafe Parental control app. This cell phone tracker app has many options with this location tracker app to make your life easier.

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With the functionality of tracking live locations and where your kids are going, you can keep a complete eye on your kids’ activities and control their actions. So let me introduce this FamiSafe app with its location tracking functionalities.

Cell tracking apps are available on the internet. However, to pick the simplest location chase app, you need to do some marketing research. Before you choose a mobile tracker, allow us to assure you that there’s a much better and cost-effective solution, thanks to location tracker apps that give you complete control over the cell phones of your kids.

Using a mobile phone location tracker app to control your kids

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Introduction to FamiSafe location tracking app

FamiSafe cell phone tracker app is the final package delivering high-end GPS tracking options. Folks will install FamiSafe on their kids’ phones and track their period location with no suspicion. Because the name indicates, the FamiSafe parental control app comes among the five prime mobile chase apps to stay tabs on kids’ what they are doing. It’s designed to confirm your family’s safety by providing careful reports on location history and active pinpoints.

The FamiSafe app permits users to Geo-fencing — choosing specific areas on the map, which will sound an associate alert if your kid leaves these areas.

FamiSafe additionally doubles-up as a mobile activity chase app. You’ll be ready to read messages your kid sends and receives the apps they use and the websites that they have visited.

The app contains a distinctive feature that will provide you with a warning if your kid is probably cowed — advanced filtering technology to bring suspicious messages to your attention that will be threatening to your kid.

Features of FamiSafe 

  • Real-time location: With a GPS location tracker, parents can track the child’s device to verify safety. FamiSafe will allow you to see your kids’ real-time location, so it’s easy to watch your kids’ activities and their locations, what they are doing where they are at this time and much more.
  • Kids’ safety from kidnapping: FamiSafe parental control app provides you with a solution to real-time location tracking where you can see the locations where your kids are at this time. This makes it easier for you to track your kids and their location and makes them safe from kidnapping.
  • Location History: You can check location history whenever you want to see what they visit on their device and also where they visit their location. For example, they go to school, go to the playground etc., by using the timeline.
  • Screen time: The screen time feature permits you to manage track app usage.
  • Web filter: you will be ready to block inappropriate websites over chrome and safari.
  • Browse History: you will be ready for the track phone to seem at humanoid personal browsing history.
  • YouTube monitor: It detects distressing videos or monitors the inappropriate content inside the videos. On the aspect of it, you will be ready to lock those videos if they’re not sensible for your kids.
  • Suspicious photos: It directly offers you an associate alert once detection the smut photos in your kid’s phone’s gallery.

Availability of FamiSafe and its pricing plans 

FamiSafe Parental Control App is downloaded on mobile devices and tablets via Google Play, iOS Apple Store, and Amazon. You will boot transfer this app on your desktop directly from these resources:

Get it on Google Play Available on the app store available on amazon.

These are links to download

Apple store |Google play | Amazon

These packages are:

  • Monthly: on the market at $9.99 per month and permits you to manage up to five devices promptly.
  • Quarterly: on the market at $19.99 per quarter and permits you to manage up to 10 devices promptly.
  • Annual: on the market at $59.99 ($41.99 until Sept 21) annually and permits you to manage up to thirty devices promptly.


If you wish to trace your children’s location, our recommendation is FamiSafe, the simplest location tracker with affordable packages. This FamiSafe Parental control app gives parents complete control over their kid’s devices. They can see what they are doing, where they are, what they are doing at this time, and much more features of location tracking that will make your life easier and less fearer about your kid’s safety.

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