Locobuzz Launches Industry-First AI-Powered ResponseGenie for Improved Customer Experience

Locobuzz unveils ResponseGenie

ResponseGenie, driven by generative AI, is the first of its kind in the field of response management, and it is set to completely transform the digital customer service environment and the manner in which companies communicate with their clients.

Businesses all over the world may benefit from the solution’s ease of use in responding to huge numbers of consumer questions through any digital channel, since it was developed with this goal in mind. With ResponseGenie, businesses can be certain that their social media teams are responding to customer inquiries in a timely manner and consistently, all while adhering to brand guidelines. 

ResponseGenie, driven by Azure OpenAI Services, integrates ChatGPT into a brand’s customer interaction, and its revolutionary generative AI capabilities have already won over early adopter Tata Neu. “ResponseGenie is a good addition to Locobuzz Unified CXM for customer service,” stated Nikhil Asopa, Head, Customer support, Tata Digital.

ResponseGenie will be a great addition to the existing customer care offering thanks to its capacity to interpret the client’s tone and language and give correct and appropriate replies. We’re excited to see how it might further shorten response times, lighten agents’ loads, and improve the quality of their interactions with customers. 

Locobuzz has released ResponseGenie to satisfy a critical market demand. The new features are ideal for businesses looking to boost customer satisfaction, reaction time, and overall output. With ResponseGenie, businesses can simplify their customer support processes without sacrificing the quality of service they deliver to their most valuable asset: their consumers. Because the solution allows a human to have the final say and make edits to what generative AI creates, it also helps brands keep their human touch. 

Nitin Agarwal, Locobuzz’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “ResponseGenie is a significant milestone for Locobuzz customers.” We are revolutionising the way we manage client experiences by combining Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Services with Locobuzz’s AI know-how. To revolutionise the Unified CXM platform and set new benchmarks in the market, we want to use generative AI throughout our product set. 


On Locobuzz’s unified CX platform, ResponseGenie is available to both new and existing brand partners. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are just some of the supported channels. So are messaging apps like Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, and WhatsApp. In addition, it works with GMB, app stores, email, and live chat programmes.

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