CloudKeeper leads Spring 2023 G2 Grid Reports in Cloud Cost Management

CloudKeeper leads Spring 2023 G2 Grid Reports in Cloud Cost Management

G2’s Spring 2023 Grid Report has named CloudKeeper, an AWS premier partner and complete FinOps solution, as the industry leader once again. For the second year in a row, CloudKeeper has been named among the top three solutions for managing cloud costs. AWS Cloudwatch and IBM Turbonomic are now in #1 and second place, respectively. In addition, CloudKeeper is at the top of the list of cloud management solutions.

We’ve been honoured with many distinctions, and we take them all very seriously: Best Support, Easiest to Use, Easiest to Do Business With, Best Usability, Easiest Admin, and Easiest Setup. And in many areas, including User Satisfaction, Compliance, Ease of Use, Spend Forecasting and Optimisations, and Market Presence, we are ranked in the top three.

Businesses that care about their bottom line and the environment have made cloud cost control a top focus. CloudKeeper has been in the cloud for over a decade, giving us extensive knowledge of the FinOps ecosystem and allowing us to deliver customised solutions to each FinOps problem and help businesses of all sizes optimise their cloud spending.

This success is a direct result of the CloudKeeper team’s hard work and devotion, and it strengthens our promise to provide first-rate cloud cost management services to all of our clients.

Since then, 98% of customers have given CloudKeeper a rating of 4 stars or above, with 91% saying they would recommend it to others. The solution’s popularity among both large and small enterprises is a testament to its constant dedication to meeting the FinOps needs of companies of all sizes.

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