Make the Most of Quarantine with These Top Tips

Make the Most of Quarantine
Make the Most of Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live. With many of us feeling isolated in quarantine, every day can start to feel the same. While some people are enjoying the break, others are missing the hustle and bustle of pre-COVID daily life.

How to Make the Most of Quarantine

Your time spent in quarantine can be an opportunity to try new things, or watch television all day without feeling guilty! If you are looking for ways to entertain yourself, we are here to help. Read on for a list of iso-boredom busters:

Watch the Small Screen

While you may not be able to attend events in person, you can still stream them to your smart TV or device. Fans of movies and music can watch the Oscars and other award shows with a glass of wine and a comfortable pair of PJs. Popcorn is optional! If you subscribe to Cox, you won’t need a cable outlet, as you can use a Contour Stream Player or app.

Cook up a Storm

People all over the world are using their quarantine days to try new recipes and make meals from scratch. Some pantry staples may be unavailable, but this can be an opportunity to experiment with your cooking. When you are in the kitchen, the time will go quickly, and you can fill up your freezer with healthy meals.

Get Killer Abs

Exercise is beneficial for your mental and physical health, and there are activities you can do indoors to keep fit. You don’t need any extra equipment for most workout videos, and you can find a range of classes for free on YouTube. Try to include cardio, situps, and squats into your daily routine, as this will increase strength and get your body ready for post isolation events.

Challenge Your Mind

Don’t forget your mind needs exercise too. If you are missing the mental stimulation from work, think about ways to use your brain. Immersing yourself in a good book can be a welcome escape, and you can join a virtual book club to discuss your favourite reads.

Starting a hobby will give you something to feel passionate about. For example, candle and jewellery making supplies are selling out online, as people embrace their creativity.

You may decide to study remotely to change your career path. Or, you can enrol in a short course such as sign language, guitar lessons, or cocktail making!

Phone a Friend

In normal times it can be difficult making time for friends, as home and work-life commitments take priority. During quarantine, make an effort to check in with those you care about. Is there a friend or family member you have forgotten to call? If they are finding isolation difficult, reaching out could put a smile on their face. Video chat can help you feel connected, and you can even catch up with friends for a “virtual party.”

Make the Most of Quarantine

Now is the time to try new things and participate in activities you never had time for before. Think about starting a hobby, enrolling in a course, or joining a virtual book club to keep your brain active. Don’t forget to focus on health and fitness, by experimenting in the kitchen and fitting exercise into your daily routine.

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