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For many higher education students, the time needed to write dissertations is simply greater than exists. To the avail of dissertation writers everywhere, is a professional and reliable academic writing service. As the name suggests, Masters level writing is offered and specifically, dissertations are a specialty. Looking at the site, you will see that they have dissertation chapters broken out as different paper types. This service can provide a whole dissertation, or just specific sections of it.

The Order Process:

This website has an easy ordering process via an online form, accessed under the “prices” tab. Choose the paper type from the drop down menu. Each selection of the dissertation counts as its own paper type. If more than one section is needed, select “other” and then type in the sections you need in the box that appears. To the right of that, select the number of pages the paper requires. Note that the prices listed on the charts are per page. Next, choose the academic level of the work- Masters or PHD and finally, the deadline.


Depending on how much assistance is needed, a dissertation will require at least a thirty day or longer deadline lead time. Contact the support line to work out a deadline schedule that meets the student’s academic needs as well as determine what is realistic for a writer to complete.

The next step is to confirm the choices made in the first step plus submit additional information including the subject or discipline, the paper topic and paper instructions. The instructions need to be detailed. Succeeding in this step is the difference between getting a near-perfect draft on the first try, and having rounds of revisions. Is there a specific example you want illustrated? What is the goal of the paper? Is there a font preference? Be sure to articulate the requirements of the assignment exactly as assigned. Please note, the writers cannot conduct the research necessary for writing assignments, such as administer surveys, questionnaires, etc.


Once the description is complete, choose the amount of sources used for the paper then upload any documents that would be helpful for the writer to review and necessary to cite. Examples include notes, texts to be quoted, survey and questionnaire results, etc. Select the citation style and move on to calculate price. Finalize the paper details and check any add-ons you like. Finalize. Pay.

The Experience:

Once the sale is finalized, a confirmation email from support will be sent. After that, the only communication will be to provide clarification on the paper or receive the draft.

Once the draft is received, be sure to read it thoroughly. The service gives 14 days to review and request unlimited revision changes. After 14 days the system automatically approves the piece. From that point, you have 7 days to request edits, at no extra charge. After that date the extra fees are charged based on complexity and amount of changes. The cost is 35% of the from-scratch cost to rewrite 50% of the paper and 50% of the from-scratch cost to rewrite 70% of the paper. As stated earlier, be sure to give specific paper directions and this will eliminate the need for extensive edits.

Tips and Perks:

  • The Progressive Delivery service is specifically designed for long term writing projects. For an extra 10% of the cost, the dissertation will be delivered and approved in stages as well as enable a pay-as -you-go option.
  • There is a discount program based on the amount of money you spend. A LIFETIME discount! The spending thresholds to qualify are pretty low considering how much a dissertation can cost.
  • Check the messages within the site regularly for questions from the writer, a delay in response will delay the paper.

Compared to other writing services available online, this site ranks highly for usability and pricing. The ease of usability is due to the neatly laid out interface and logical ordering process. As far as pricing, for the quality of paper ordered from a generalist writing company, it fits squarely into mid-market price points.

Leaving one’s culminating academic work in the hands of an online writing service can be a daunting task for a studious, yet time-restricted individual. is the best decision for the most intense worrier. From the rigorous hiring process for writers, secure payment systems and responsive support team, students with the highest standards can trust their custom written dissertations needs to this site.


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