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Matchup Mystery: How Pro Players Adapt Their Playstyle in Lane Against Different Opponents

In the world of traditional sports, most major athletes are synonymous with a signature move. On the pitch, Lionel Messi has his body feints. On the tennis court, Roger Federer has a fearsome forehand. However, esports is a different beast entirely. Take pro-level League of Legends as an example. The nature of the game calls for players to be acquainted with more than one champion. To truly excel with multiple champions, a great player needs to know how to adapt. 

Do you often find yourself matched up with a pick that’s not your preference? Read on to find out how pro players adapt their playstyle to wield an assortment of champions and face all manner of foes. 

Identify Your Weaknesses 

Before you start thinking about adapting your playstyle, start by considering what you’re actually good at. While you’re at it, take stock of the parts of your playstyle that need work. There are many ways you can do this. You can use in-game replays to see how well you’ve fared or turn to stats if you prefer simple figures. If you’ve been playing with the same people for long enough, you might even want to canvas opinions from other gamers to see what their opinions are.

If you’re considering a career in esports, now’s also the time to think about seeking out some tutelage. While you probably won’t land a coach until you secure a spot on a team, you can certainly nail yourself down a mentor. 

Pick an Adaptable Champion 

No matter how adaptable you are, you’ll struggle to rise to every scenario without a versatile champion. Fortunately, a game like League of Legends isn’t shy on adaptable champions. One of the most popular champions in the game, Kai’Sa, also suits a variety of playstyles. She might be an ADC staple, but she’s also an incredibly effective mid-laner. 

Of course, you’ll need more than one champion in your repertoire. Another adaptable pick is Katarina. With a heap of build options, she suits a variety of roles, including AD and AP. Another go-to AP is Teemo, although he’s relatively adaptable and can be put to good use in an AD role. 

See How The Pros Do It 

You might have a versatile lineup of champions in your picklist, but the denizens of Summoner’s Rift are flying in the dark without a great player at the controls. You’ll be on the losing end of many a battle while you cut your teeth, but you can give yourself an advantage by watching the professionals in action. Watch as 

many live events as you can, either online or in person. Study replays methodically, and, if you hone in on a gamer with a great playstyle, scour the web for interviews to see if they can offer some first-hand insights. Need to line up some viewing to help you brush up on the basics? Check out the 1337PRO LEC schedule to get you started. 

Watch What Your Opponents Are Doing 

You might only come up against the same player or opposing team once in your gaming career, but every match is its own education. Study what your opponents are doing carefully. Many of them will have shared playstyles and you’ll be able to borrow the bits of each of them. Instead of being purely reactionary, look for subtle tells that you can use to preempt your opponents before they can unleash any real damage. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

It might sound trite, but this old adage is definitely true. Whether you’re playing League of Legends or something else, experiment with different modes and gameplay scenarios. Think about hosting friendlies with other like-minded players keen to finesse their playstyles. The more variety you bring to your training, the better.

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