Matrimonial Sites Vs the Social media: The boon and the bane for partner hunting

Matrimonial Sites Vs the Social media

The evolution of technology and social media has been a huge impact on people’s life. What social media has done today is impeccable but at the same time, when we look at some certain things and aspect. It kind of changes our views and terrifies us.

Matrimonial sites and social media have been playing a long game in bringing people together. In one hand we have Social media, which has been successful in bringing friends together and on the other hand we have Matrimony Sites, which are up above in the game of match making and partner hunting. So, the bigger question is, why matrimonial sites have been better in matchmaking that the revolutionary social media?

And since we are talking about Matrimonial websites, which is a very competitive platform. Some of the emerging websites such as is taking the banal profile verification system to another level. Their preliminary goal is not just matchmaking but providing the best authentic user experience. is actually the India’s first matrimonial site with Aadhaar verified profile.

The negative role of Social media in search of a life partner:

Social media is an amazing concept but it’s also a terrifying place, especial if you’re looking for your life partner. I mean there is no judgment here but the real problem with websites like Facebook and Tinder is that they don’t have an authenticity. What I’m trying to say is that these websites are good in bringing your relatives and friends together but not an anonymous person.

The increase of fake ids is a major issue that social media websites are facing these days. A survey suggested that there are estimated 15% fake IDs running on Facebook, and we can bet on of these IDs are in your friend list. So, the question is how can you trust somebody? The person you’re talking to could be pretending to be somebody else.

Another problem with social media is that, it is not made of matchmaking. Yes, you can make friends but you’re not going to get any options for matchmaking. There is no advance search option and help section to find a partner. Unlike matrimonial site who offer 24×7 helpline and advance categorized search, better discovery and matches. The fact is social media is not where near in the game of match making than compare to Matrimonial sites.

Why should you go to the Matrimonial site?

Matrimonial sites are a much secure version of matchmaking, and that’s why they are up in their game. Every account on the matrimonial site is a verified account, that means all the accounts have been registered via a Govt. authorized ID, such as Aadhar card. Opening up a conversation with a verified account is much comfortable than a fake id. has considered all the option for a better matchmaking, with not just profile verification but easy registration process and better profile matches. Features such as trust score points are really exciting and creative, that helps a lot in your partner hunting and also for another fellow user. The more you sync and complete your profile, the more you increase in getting a perfect match.

The website also offers horoscope of the person you’re visiting, which is very helpful for those who believe in zodiacs. The better-redefined search option is very feasible and easy, that lets you customize your search for a better partner and get your desired match. It also has a 24×7 helpline for its customers.

After a few process of signing up, you can start your search for life partner through millions of profiles and share your interest with preferred matches. You can also interact with active users and meet them. This makes really easy and comfortable because everyone on the matrimonial website is looking for a suitable life partner.

Matrimonial Sites Vs the Social media: The boon and the bane for partner hunting 1

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