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The Mi Box S is the latest version of the Mi Box from Xiaomi. It’s an updated version of their flagship Android box and is designed to offer an improved Android experience for your TV. How does it manage to stack up against the plethora of other Android boxes that are currently on the market?

The Mi Box S offers what most Android devices do and that is to give users access to a wide range of different apps to enhance their TV experience. Everything from streaming apps to betting apps to gaming apps are available. The betting apps are responsive and will fit your screen perfectly – a thing that wasn’t available a few years ago. The same advancement in technology that brought us the best betting and gaming apps, brought us some great TV boxes.  This means that it’s extremely easy to break the chains of Sky and move to a more free and simple method of using your TV.


What helps the Mi Box S to stand out is that it has an excellent interface. It’s fast and responsive and allows users to navigate around the menu with ease. On top of this, the new enhanced remote has Google Assistant as standard. This allows you to talk to your remote in order to carry out instructions, which is very easy due to the simple interface. The Mi Box S really does make it easy for anyone to make their way around the menu.

It also offers 4K streaming through the device. This is not quite as effective as the 1080p offerings though. It seems as though the box sometimes struggles with the higher resolution and the 4K experience isn’t as smooth as the 1080p version. This is an issue with a lot of Android boxes though and the Mi Box S certainly isn’t alone with this problem. If 1080p viewing is good enough for you then this box will offer a superb service.

What does help with the overall performance of the Mi Box S is the consistent updates? There are regular bug fixes being offered which helps this box to provide a consistent quality service over time. However, this is unlikely to be able to solve the 4K issues as this is due to the hardware not being powerful enough to handle 4K. This is a minor issue though as the low price of the Mi Box S should lead to users having relatively low expectations for it.


The Mi Box S is a fantastic budget Android box. It will offer anyone who wants a more personal TV experience the ability to do so without having to break the bank. If you want to be able to access 4K and other more advanced features then you may have to spend a little bit more, but for budget users, this is one of the best on the market.

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