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MiniTool Power Data Recovery: the Newest Version Review

Are you looking for a tool to recover your lost data? Discover in this review why MiniTool Power Data Recovery will be for you, the software developed by MiniTool has useful functions that allow you to retrieve your lost or deleted files by mistake


Let’s face it, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is not the only software to perform data recovery functions. However, after careful use, I can state that it is certainly a valid alternative to the most used tools. Intuitive, practical and reliable, all qualities that make this program a choice to keep in mind in case we need to get back our lost files. Here is our review.


MiniTool Power Data Recovery: for every one

We must admit that  MiniTool has worked well in software development: the interface of Power Data Recovery is intuitive and you can immediately understand what steps you need to do to recover our data. The possible options are as follows, while more advanced features have been added to the latest version:

Undelete Recovery: This function performs a fast scan that allows you to recover deleted files;

Lost Partition Recovery: Here it is possible to recover data incorrectly deleted from a partition or during the Windows installation process;

Digital Media Recovery: Allows you to regain photos, MP3 / MP4 or video contained in flash drives or external memories;

CD / DVD Recovery: From here it is possible to recover our files from damaged or formatted CDs or DVDs;

Damage Partition Recovery: Again, as you can understand, you can recover lost data from damaged partitions.

All functions that can be very useful, it happens to everyone sooner or later to have to recover a file deleted by mistake or maybe even voluntarily. Power Data Recovery will come to the rescue whenever necessary.

MiniTool has made several software licenses available. The tested version is the free version that allows you to recover only 1 GB of data. They can certainly seem a few, in which case you just have to buy a license for personal use, prices range from $69 to $129, depending on your needs. If you have an office or work with several PCs do not despair, MiniTool also offers on its website business licenses with prices that are certainly higher, but which guarantee security on practically all company computers. The top package is priced at $499 but allows for software installation on 299 computers.

An important tip is to not install the software on the disk from which you would like to recover data, otherwise, it will be rewritten. You must then install the software on another disk and rely on its features. But there will be no possibility of error since during the installation of the tool this warning will be displayed several times.

Check New Features ( May 2018 Release)

1. New interface with simple steps to recover data.
2. Improved the data recovery engine.
3. Speed up the scan process to find lost data more quickly.
4. Listed the found files during the scanning process.
5. Allowed to pause or stop the scan when you have found your needed files.
6. Allowed to save files while scanning to enhance data recovery efficiency.
7. Easy to recover the deleted files larger than 4gb in Win10.


In conclusion, MiniTool Power Data Recovery allows you to recover lost data from all our peripherals, I have personally tested it and managed to recover several text files. But MiniTool promises safety on most of our data, from images to video, but also audio files and more. So you just have to try it to see if it’s right for you. And if necessary buy a license for not having the limitation of 1 GB. The software can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

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