6 Common Misconceptions about Social Media Marketing

6 Common Misconceptions about Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful mediums of marketing for organizations across various industry sectors. Businesses that leverage the power of social media for their marketing needs are reporting impressive returns in terms of increased traffic. A well-designed and executed social media marketing campaign can help companies reach their message to a much wider audience that conventional marketing might not be able to reach. However, there are certain misconceptions associated with social media marketing. We take a closer look at the top six misconceptions regarding social media marketing.

It is important to have a presence on all popular social media platform:

You are highly unlikely to find your audience spread across all social media networks. While it is true that most internet users have social media accounts, they are not active on every social media channel. According to social media marketing experts, they are mostly seen only on those platforms that are associated with topics of their interest. It is important to find out where your audiences are most likely to be and focus your campaign on those channels instead of spreading your marketing dollars thinly across social media channels that are little use to your organization.

More followers mean more business and greater profits:

This is another major misconception and has given rise to the business of sale of followers and fans on popular social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. It is easy to get followers on top social media channels but they are of little use to your business if there is no engagement. They must read, like and share your content to give your marketing efforts some form of impetus.  If you are focusing on your Twitter followers, you will need to ensure that you have a good strategy. Twiends offers a guide discussing different free ways to get Twitter followers.

Responding immediately can impress your audience:

Another myth that social media marketers have is that any notification received must be responded to in the quickest possible time to impress your followers. If you don’t, it can create a poor image of your organization. Today’s social media platform users are an intelligent lot and are aware that immediate response is not possible as marketing executives have a hundred different things to handle of which social media is just a part. An intelligent response is likely to get more rewards than an instant response according to online marketing experts, say top digital marketing experts.

Marketing on social media is the easiest thing to do:

Many people media believe that social media marketing is easy. All you have to do is post updates on the top social media platforms and sit back and relax. This is not true. Social media marketing is more difficult and complex that most people think. Marketing on popular platforms must be handled by professionals as social media platforms is an evolving medium and regular fine tuning is necessary to keep pace with the changing landscape and demands of your followers.

You can target only a section of your audience on social media:

Many companies believe, rather erroneously that social media is frequented only by the youth and hence it cannot be used to target mature, elder audience segment. Research shows than nearly half of Facebook and Twitter users are well over 40. If you are not leveraging the power of these popular platforms to market your wares you are definitely losing business and in a major way. Social media marketing experts are of the opinion that this medium is attracting all types of audiences today, across all age groups today.

Using hashtags can help you grab attention:


To an extent, this can be true. However, more often than not, social media marketers go overboard with hashtags which can have a negative effect on the campaign. Social media management experts recommend limiting use of hashtags to a couple of ones that are relevant to your campaign. Too many hashtags can make you appear desperate which can damage your image. Also, refrain from using complex hashtags. They must be simple, and remind your audience about your products or services.

These are the top six misconceptions that marketers have about social media marketing. There are many more. It is better to let an online marketing expert handle your marketing campaigns to get the best outcomes consistently.

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