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MMOAuctions heads to Kickstarter

Trade and exchange of goods in gamer world have always been a mixed bag. On one hand, we have shady websites that deal in online game accounts that offer almost no protection from online fraudsters, on the other hand, you have a niche, terribly designed and outdated forums for tabletop and board games that are not only hard to find but also hard to navigate. What if there was a website that brought two separate worlds of offline and online gaming together to create a safe marketplace for every type of geek out there?

MMOAUCTIONS.COM is a new Kickstarter project that aims at bringing gamers together (despite the name, not only MMORPG ones) developed by small, and experienced development group from Poland AND UK. Among a myriad of promised features, it seems that transaction security is the main focus here barring deals behind six-step verification process. Some might say it’s an overkill, but anyone who has any experience in the online trade knows all too well there is no such thing as too much security.

So what makes this website so secure? Developers claim that there is number of features that will ensure transaction safety. Beginning with an algorithm that scans entire website looking for suspicious behaviors like logging via VPN or Thor, making accounts using 10-minute-mails ending on scanning listings and accounts trying to detect fake feedbacks and multi-accounting. Yet it’s the Scamkiller that is the crowning jewel of their tight security system. Scamkiller is a massive database that collects information on online-fraudsters from various forums, facebook groups, website and discord channels and combines them into this single massive registry of scammers. Spam killer will be free-to-use for all users, all it takes is 2 clicks to check if you are dealing with an online thief.

MMOAuctions heads to Kickstarter 1

Another important feature that, has been a major flaw of many other similar websites, is the design. Early footage presents a clean, simple, intuitive and purposefully designed navigation that will make creating and managing your listings simple as never before. It takes from 60 to 120 seconds to create an offer which you can re-list with just one click! Dev team also created tools for online shops and professional sellers like mass listing management, notification system, built-in chat, and feedbacks.

On the picture below you can see the current shape of the user interface, as you can see devs pay huge attention to detail delivering a very comfortable and professional layout.

MMOAuctions heads to Kickstarter 2

But what really sets this project apart is the mobile app. MMOAUCTIONS.COM has a chance of changing the trade game by allowing its users to comfortably monitor their deals wherever they are. Even tho it’s “just” a website the pledge system is pretty interesting. Apart from giving a free listing promotion, premium time and beta access, devs will also give your profile a unique, personal, touch depending on your support level.

Overall the Kickstarter page for this project is very detailed and to the point and the project itself should land on your radar sooner than later as those guys have a chance to revolutionize goods exchange for every gamer out there.

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