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The Pound of Music Analyzes the Most Successful Songs of the Decade

Some of the most successful songs of the decade have a few elements in common, as the ‘Pound of Music’ recently established. The study was facilitated by the statistical professionals of Betway Online Casino. It involved collecting data from 22 countries about the songs that consistently topped the charts in these countries. The songs were categorized into a few sub-groups in terms of tempo, key, danceability, and energy.

A combination of these elements draws listeners towards a song as they start to understand the rhythm and tone of the music. The top songs in every one of these countries have succeeded in reaching out to the listeners’ most profound emotions, making them reveal what the songs make them feel. The success of these songs is tied towards building a large volume of sales, and that happens because of this reason. They have managed to stay at the top of the music charts because they pay close attention to the four critical elements mentioned earlier.

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Most Successful Songs of the Decade

Most Successful Songs of the Decade
Most Successful Songs of the Decade

In terms of tempo, the faster the song feels, the higher the level of tempo. Mexico has stood out as the country where music fans appreciated fast, intense music averaging a tempo of 128 Beats per Minute. (BPM). The Mexican pop song B├ęsame came out on top as the song with the highest BPM. The song is done by the rock group Camila. Accrued statistics indicate that music fans across Belgium (121 BPM), Japan (127 BPM), and Brazil (122 BPM) are avid fans of fast-paced songs. Portugal had the slowest songs topping the number one spot averaging a tempo of 104 BPM. God’s Plan by Drake was the slowest song in the country’s chart standing at 77 BPM.

In Spain, fans were drawn to energetic music with an energy average score ranging from 80 to 100. The most popular songs included La Bicicleta by Shakira and Carlos Vives. The song had an energy score of 94, the highest in the country’s chart. Some of the countries whose top songs showed a high energy score included Brazil (76), Argentina (75), and Japan (80). There were also countries where low energy songs stood in the first place and were quite popular with the listeners. These countries were the United Kingdom (61), Portugal (61) and South Africa (58). Ed Sheeran’s song, “I See Fire,” had the lowest energy in the chart scoring a mere 5 out of a hundred on the energy scale. The song was a top tune in Sweden for over eight weeks.

Analysis of the danceability results on average for every country was a daunting task as they were much closely tied. New Zealand, Portugal, France, and Canada averaged 74 out of the possible 100 for danceability. It means that in these four countries, the best songs are the ones that prompt the listeners to get up and dance. In this category, the most danceable English-worded song was ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X and Billy Cyrus, scoring 88 out of 100. It is clear that the factors that make a song successful vary significantly from one country to the next. Still, a close look into these elements shows that there is a pattern that musicians can exploit to make their songs become some of the world’s most legendary hits.

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