Why You Need a Website Builder and How to Choose It


If you own a small online business of your own, it is very possible you do not provide extra funds to hire professional website creation services. For info, most professional website creation services fix rates up to thousands of dollars. For those of you who do not have a budget of that size then you can use the website builder application that can be found easily on the Internet.

The definition of website builder

Website builder is an internet-based website “application” or “service” that helps anyone to create their own website or online store in no time. To use a website builder you do not have to spend a lot of money and time. This kind of application is very popular among beginners because they can even create a site or even a professional online store in just a few minutes!

Application availability

Try to type in some keywords like “best website builder”, “top ten website builders”, “cheap website builder “on Google and you will get many choices. You’ll see dozens of website builder app offer and what you need is to choose one of them. There are at least some parameters to consider before choosing a website builder app. Let’s check out these points below:


This is a major consideration before choosing a website builder app. Check back your budget and start counting whether by purchasing a website builder license you can provide a backup budget for other SEO activities. Professional-looking results are everyone’s primary goal when they are looking for a website builder, so prices should not be the main benchmark. But in fact, most online entrepreneurs choose to use website builders as their website creation services because they have limited funds (website builder is much cheaper than website creation services with more or less the same quality).

Some website builder applications offer a free trial period, so you can test their website and features without paying first. But when it comes to price issues, there are several important factors you should consider:

  • Do they offer free trials? Do you have to enter your credit card data before you can try the free trials?
    • Are there any “hidden costs” that you have to pay later?
    • Can you create an online store with a professional look even with only themes and free tools provided?
    • If it is not free, is the cost required for the features and quality of the website that you can later generate? Is the price competitive with other website builder providers?
    • What about the payment system? Is it monthly or yearly?

Ease of use

Can your next website / online store be user-friendly? Website builder is made as a solution for people who want to have their own website but they do not have enough funds to hire professional services and also have no programming skills to create their own website. In other words, a good website builder should be easy to use, even for people who do not have programming skills at all.

By using website builder, you should no longer need to learn HTML or the like (although actually programming knowledge is helpful, so you are not easily cheated by cheaters). Modern website builders usually have a WYSIWYG feature (What You See Is What You Get) in their product. With this feature, you can input text, images, video or other without having to write HTML code first. Never use a website builder that does not have this basic feature.

A few things to note for this point:
• Can the system be used also by a novice user?
• How “easy” is the system to use?
• Can you always control your own website at all times?
• What about the support offered?

The technology used and widgets

Widgets are apps that are paired in a website or blog with certain codes. Widgets can be many things, like images, video, flash, and much more. If you have ever visited a website or blog (or maybe you have your own blog), you can usually find widgets on the left or right side of the blog, such as calendar, clock, number of visitors, and so on. Examples of widgets that you can use in your online store are:

• HTML widget
• Text and image
• Slideshow / slide banner
• Google Maps
• and many more!

Design / theme and level of customization

A good website or online store should not only have a complete feature, but also an attractive look, especially in the eyes of visitors and buyers of your online store. Most website builders are able to provide a variety of themes and designs that can be tailored to the needs of online store owners.

Some things to watch out for when considering the theme and design issues:
• Can you choose only from available designs or themes or can you build the design from scratch?
• How many template and color variants are available?
• How easy is the customization?

By following the above points you can choose the one that is most suitable to your needs.

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