Niantic Launches Pokémon GO In Hindi In India

Niantic Launches Pokémon GO In Hindi In India 1

The Pokemon Company (TPC) and Niantic have announced the release of Pokemon GO for the Hindi language. The news was made on the 14th of September, the day when India celebrated Hindi Divas. The addition of Hindi marks the 15th language to which the game has been translated worldwide and the sixth in Asia. Many Pokemon have had their names changed to better fit the Hindi language.

Since its debut in 1996, the Pokemon video game and entertainment phenomenon has united millions of fans of all ages across the globe. After first capturing the attention of just 151 people, Pokemon has now expanded to include over a thousand different animals.

Pokemon Goes Desi

TPC has renamed 800+ Pokemon in Hindi to further demonstrate its dedication to the rapidly expanding India market. The Pokemon franchise would get even more Indian admirers if this were implemented. Accessing the new Hindi names and soon being able to search for information and data linked to every Pokemon in Hindi is now available for anybody who visits the official Pokédex website.

Release of Pokemon GO in Hindi

In 2016, TPC and Niantic teamed up to make catching Pokemon more realistic and relatable through the use of augmented reality (AR) and the placement of exclusive Pokemon in various locations, inspiring people to explore more and join a community of global fans.

TPC and Niantic have extended support for the Hindi language, making this worldwide famous game even more accessible to the Indian Pokemon GO fanbase. This new feature will bring gamers even closer to the Pokemon GO world.

In making the announcement, Niantic’s vice president for emerging markets, Omar Tellez, said, “Niantic remains devoted to fostering a global community that transcends boundaries, and the addition of Hindi language support is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment towards India and its rapidly increasing gaming audience.” With the release of Pokemon GO in Hindi, we can reach a wider audience and get more people excited about the game. We’ve installed more than five million Pokéstops around India since the game’s 2016 release, and the firm has held a number of in-person events to promote the phenomenon. Our partnership with The Pokemon Company is a big move that we know will help us reach more people throughout the nation.

Niantic is also holding a month-long event just for Indian gamers to commemorate the Hindi localization. Exciting elements like Field Research, Timed Research, and Bonuses with unique benefits may be found in this in-game event.

To further demonstrate its dedication to the Indian market, Pokemon GO has reorganized the pricing for coin bundles on the Google Play and Apple Stores and offered a special coin incentive for the Pokemon GO Web Store.

One Dream – A Short Movie Celebrating Family Bond

TPC has taken it a step further by releasing a short film in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali titled “The Journey of One Dream” to celebrate this momentous anniversary with its Indian followers. The narrative centers on a father and son, emphasizing the value of family ties once again. The possibility of making dreams come true is emphasized, and the message that no objective is too little is reaffirmed. Everyone, regardless of age, can identify with the film’s central theme since everyone goes through a time in their lives when their relationships are tested because of their hectic schedules. Starting today, September 15th, the video will be available on the official Pokemon Asia YouTube account.

In honor to the Indian fanbase, The Pokemon Company’s COO Takato Utsunomiya once remarked, “From the outset, Pokémon’s appeal has crossed generations and cultures, making it a global phenomenon bringing people together through the pleasure of play and discovery. One of our most important markets is India. We see the Hindi localization as the first step in a lengthy process. With a focus on the long term, we want to grow our presence in India and work with Pokemon fans to expand and improve the Pokemon universe.

There will be a greater concentration of effort on India, with Pokemon hoping to get even more fans there. So, stay tuned, because there will be many more amazing events in India in the near future!

What is The Pokemon Company?

To oversee the Pokemon franchise, The Pokemon Company was formed. The Pokemon franchise has expanded beyond its original medium of video games to include trading card games, animated television and film, merchandising, tie-in promotions and events, and company-run retail outlets called Pokemon Centers.

What is Pokémon?

When the “Pokemon Red Version” and “Pokemon Green Version” video games for the Game Boy were released in Japan in 1996, they marked the beginning of the Pokemon phenomenon. After then, Pokemon became a household brand thanks to its proliferation into trading card games, TV anime, cinema, applications, merchandise, and so much more.

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