How Can Vaping Help Nicotine Addiction

How Can Vaping Help Nicotine Addiction 1

Nicotine is an extremely toxic substance that is present within tobacco. The most common way to consume nicotine addiction is by cigarette smoking, but many people have also consumed nicotine by inhaling it via their noses. Another form of nicotine addiction, which is seen mostly among the rural areas, is where the people chew tobacco and keep it inside their mouth.

This form of addiction is equally harmful. Over the years, many nicotine users have attempted quitting nicotine, considering vaping as a healthier alternative. Many of the users have even been successful. However, if you are a person who has been thinking about quitting nicotine for a while, this article will help you explore the alternative of vaping.

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What is vaping?

Nicotine Addiction
Nicotine Addiction

Vaping, as a process, is a lot similar to cigarette smoking. However, the most significant difference is vaping requires an electronic device, whereas smoking does not need anything like that. In the case of tobacco, you light the cigarette up with the help of a lighter and inhale the smoke.

In the case of vaping, you need to inhale the vapor from your favorable electronic cigarette. There are two kinds of the vaping machine- automatic and manual.  The automatic has a sort of sensor attached with it, which recognizes the motion whenever a person starts drawing air out of it.

It kickstarts the atomizer, which starts vaporizing the liquid instantly. However, for the manual one, you have to operate it by hand and switch it on when you wish to use the device.

What do you need to vape?

In case you are new to this experience, you can start by purchasing a vaping starter kit instead of handpicking every item. You can get these devices from any vape shop of good repute. You can also order these items online from websites like

However, the most important constituents that you need to vape are the electronic cigarette, atomizer, charging cable, and a mouthpiece. Four kinds of electronic cigarettes are quite popular in the vaping world. The first of them would be cig-a-likes. This is the most suitable choice for a newbie or a former smoker.

These devices, also known as first-generation tools, match the outline of a conventional cigarette. This will also be ideal for the people who took to vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes or nicotine.

The second kind of device is vape pens, which, like its name suggests, looks like a pen. It is slightly more advanced, in the context of a few features than cig-a-likes. Vaping mods and vaping pods are the devices that are designed specifically for the pro vapers.

How to vape?

Vaping is quite an easy process. Ensure your device is charged before vaping. Battery backup is one of the essential parameters you have to keep in mind while purchasing a vaping product. Take your device and fill its tank with your desired vape juice. Now, there are multiple flavors available.

Many people attempt to mix different flavors. However, it is advisable not to mix flavors if you are new. Now, you decide what kind of vapor you want. The ratio of PG and VG adjusts the density of the liquid. Increasing the amount of VG will get you denser vapor. If you’re going to make vaping clouds, increase the amount of VG. PG works towards getting you a better throat hit.

Once you are done adjusting the liquid, turn the atomizer on. The atomizer will now turn the liquid into vapor. Link the mouthpiece at the end of the advice and enjoy your experience.

Effects of nicotine addiction

Nicotine is one of the worst kinds of addiction anyone can suffer from. It damages your brain to an extent where your body cannot function without nicotine any longer. To list a few of the diseases nicotine can lead you to, it would be- lung cancer, heart attack, diabetes, infertility, and bronchitis.

How can vape help nicotine addicts?

You can consider vaping a better alternative as opposed to nicotine as long as your goal is to leave it. Vaping is no doubt better than smoking and can help keep your lungs from getting damaged.

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