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No PowerPoint Template is needed if iSlide PowerPoint Addon Installed

PowerPoint is a must have for the presentations of business product marketing plan or report, etc. Even some IT stuffs use PowerPoint to create a resume. But when you do the PowerPoint presentation, the first thing maybe google PowerPoint template, and download & edit the proper template. But not all of you have design skills for creating a full PowerPoint presentation.

iSlide, which I highly recommend, is the all in one tool for you to create any kind of PowerPoint presentation as you want.


iSlide has two major features: design tools and libraries.

Design Tools

Even though I am not that familiar with design tools, but here I can list them for you:

Standard Specification: Uniform Font, Uniform Paragraph, Uniform Guides, Uniform Color.

Design Layout: Matrix Layout, Matrix Crop, Circular Layout, Circular Crop, Crop Pictures, Smart Select, Eyedropper, Adjustments Editor, Add/Remove Watermark.

Design Tools: dozens of Alignment, Size, Guides Layout, Selection, Vector, Clipboard, Dock, Rotation.

Animations: Smooth Transition, Tween, Scale Time, Sequence.

Tools: Save as Image Presentation, Export Images, Save as Read-only Presentation, Export Video, Export Fonts, Join Images, Compress, File Analytics, Zoomit, Timer.

These tools are for professional PowerPoint presentation designers. Most of them are too professional to understand. But they are free to use!


This is the best part that I love iSlide most. In those libraries, you can download and insert any kinds of design resources immediately into your presentations. And the libraries are clear for users.

Theme Library

In this library, there are about 1500+ PowerPoint templates with different styles and topics. You can easily find the template that you want, download and use them immediately. But you may find that in this library, all PowerPoint templates have just 5 slides only, one cover, one back cover and three in middle. Don’t worry about that, you can get any kind of slides in the following Diagram Library and Smart Diagram.


Diagram Library

Well, in this library, you will see there are more than 7600 diagrams/charts. No matter you want to present data, product features/price, plan, there always exists a lot of slides for you. You can easily insert those slides with a single click! Personally, I think if this library is called as Slides Library, that would be much better.


Smart Diagram

Wooh, this library gives all kinds of data demonstrations. Unlike the slides in Diagram Library, once you inserted, you can change the data by iSlide Smart Diagram Editor. No need to use Photoshop to modify the pictures! This is useful for a report or plan.


Icon Library

This is an incredible library, which has more than 167,000 icons! LOL, I think this library can not only be used for PowerPoint presentation, but also for all designers who need icons. Here I strongly recommend that no matter you need to use PowerPoint or not, just install iSlide if you are a designer. This library gives you so many icons that you will no need to search icons any more in your rest of life! AND ALL ICONS ARE FREE! Right-click the icon, you can change the color of it.


Picture Library

The first time when I used this library, I just insert the pictures into slides. But after I checked the official Youtube video channel of iSlide, this library is incredibly useful. Select any SHAPE in PowerPoint, and insert the pictures, then the picture will fill the SHAPE. A shock technology.


Vector Library

Something like vector library, you can insert those pictures into slides, no matter you make them big or small, all pictures in this library keep clear.


Color Library

This Color Library is the last thing that you shall use. After all, slides are created, you just choose a certain color bindle, and all colors in slides will automatically change into the follow of the suite.


A sweet tip for you

All tools in iSlide are free to use. More than 95% of design resources in libraries are free to use, but you need to signup and login to download and edit.

In all, no PowerPoint template is needed if iSlide PowerPoint Addon installed

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