All-in-One iPhone Manager and iOS Transfer Software – IOTransfer

All-in-One iPhone Manager and iOS Transfer Software - IOTransfer 1

Apple devices are the best in the market. There is evident in the fact that almost 1 billion apple devices are currently in use. The Apple iOS is the most popular of all the different systems available in the market because it has the most effective and adaptive user interface available. The devices also offer the most secure user experience, so that the users can use their devices freely without fear of viruses. But the downside of this is that users find it very difficult to access and transfer their favourite media files. This is especially true when it turns out that not all our devices are from Apple. If your PC is windows, like most of us then you are in trouble.

This is why IOTransfer comes in. IOTransfer is the answer to all your media-related prayers. It can transfer all your media files to your Apple device easily. Now you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars buying your favourite music from iTunes. This is especially useful when it comes to watch movies. Whether you are a cinephile or not, everyone likes to watch movies in their spare time, hence you will find IOTransfer useful. It will help you transfer new or your favourite movies onto your Apple device, without the hassle or money cost that come with using iTunes.

iOS Transfer Software 1

IOTransfer is file sharing and iPhone transfer software that works on Windows PCs so that you can transfer all your movies and music from PC. Not only is it handy for file transfer but it is also an iDevice sync tool. This means that you can use it to sync the files between all your Apple devices. It can be used to synchronize movies, music, video, voice memo, etc. to your various iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Hence, it helps you to get your favourite movies/music/videos on all your Apple devices. This will enable you to enjoy them anywhere, anytime. You can do this using iTunes but as mentioned earlier, it costs both time and money to do so.

iOS Transfer Software 2

The transfer capabilities of IOTransfer is not limited to just movies and music, it can also be used to transfer photos, videos, apps, iBooks, voice memo, etc. IOTransfer can transfer, edit, sync and delete all these files easily. You can also use IOTransfer to back up the data on your iPhone to PC or external hard drive. This will help to prevent data loss due to accidental deletion, damage or data corruption. All the above makes IOTransfer an all-in-one iPhone manager.

IOTransfer has all these features and more. But all of it would be for naught if the features aren’t presented well and hence are not easy to access. This is why IOTransfer stands out from other similar software because it has a sleek and easy to use user interface. The user interface is designed in such a way that users find it easy to use the software to its full potential, be it as an iPhone manager or as a free iPhone transfer software.

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