OST to PST Converter: Recover OST File and Migrate OST File to PST format

OST to PST Converter

Outlook offline storage data file is a sole local repository of data created when working offline with Exchange account. Therefore, the cache replica of an Exchange mailbox is a highly vulnerable repository that commonly encounters data loss scenarios. However, a couple of tools in the online market claim to provide a solution for the same and one of the many are OST Recovery. Based on the testing of respective application the following review has been prepared with detailed information regarding OST to PST file recovery tool to discover its true potential.

Detailed Analysis of the OST Recovery Tool

Environment Used: The application was tested in the following environment:

  1. Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
  2. Processor: Inter Core i3 CPU M350 @ 2.27 GHz
  3. Installed Memory: 2.00 GB (1.87 GB usable)
  4. System Type: 32-bit Operating System

As far as the testing procedure is concerned, the software ran perfectly well in the respective environment without any trouble. No server environment was provided to the software for operating it, yet no issues were encountered.

Working With The Software

  1. The first screen of the software represented a user interface completely similar to that of Microsoft Outlook. On clicking the Add File option, the option to add and load OST file on software was provided.

It was very easy to get used to the UI as it was exactly like that of Outlook.


2. The next popup provided the option to browse the OST file to be recovered along with an option to Advance Scan the contents. Once done Add File button has to be clicked to start processing the file.

The only disappointment about the software was that only one file could be processed at a time, which could turn out to make the software quite a time consuming.


3. On the Open window, the file to be recovered needs to be browsed on the machine and selected open by clicking on Open button.


4. The advance scan can be selected for recovering contents from a highly corrupted data file.

The additional quality of this option is that it recovers deleted items as well.

add-ost-file5. Once the scanning of OST file begins, a live status providing window will appear on the screen to let users keep track of the file scanning process.


6. The data gets loaded with contents listed categorically in the software once the scanning finishes. Normal Mail View tab provides a preview of the email message while Attachments tab offers a preview of the corresponding attachments.

This makes it easy for users to look at the contents individually in an organized way, which was a great experience.

normal-views-of-ost-mails7. Post previewing recovered items of the OST file, clicking on Export enables saving the data in any of the featured output formats.

This provides wider accessibility options for the contents of an OST file by generating an output in different formats that are further supported by server independent applications.

8. On the Export Options window, users can find the illustrated below options, i.e. featured output formats, mail filter (based on date range specification), PST splitting option (for generating PST based output), destination path selection, folder selection area, and other additional options for further defining the export requirements in detail.


9. On clicking the Export button at the end of the Export Options window, users will be redirected to an Exporting window where a live report of the process will be displayed.


10. Once the export completes, a report will be generated by the software, which can be further saved by the users as a CSV file for future reference purpose.


11. The output generated by the software can be cross checked at the defined destination path along with the report if saved.

converted-ost12. In order to be sure of the output, it was also accessed on Outlook platform which successfully reflected the converted data on the client in the same folder structure.


Considering the working of the application and successful output generated, the OST to PST Converter software can be rated 9.5 out of 10. The 0.5 percent rating has been deducted due to certain inefficiencies of the software like, inability to process more than one file at a time and generating a report with only a

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  1. I have used this tool which is really very good for recovery of Corrupt OST file. The best thing which I noticed is this software is that it provides many advanced options during export into PST.

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