How to Survive the Upcoming Page Experience Update

How to Survive the Upcoming Page Experience Update 1

Earlier this year, Google announced the Page Experience Update. The release will happen sometime in 2021. At that point, Google will update its algorithms that will drastically change how websites get ranked. It’s something that advertisers and business owners worry about. Understanding the changes that Google wants can be a daunting task. It’s even more challenging after this significant announcement. The good thing is that through this announcement made a year ahead; everyone can prepare. It’s also easy to work with the best Fresno SEO companies to determine the steps to prepare.

Page Experience Update

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Google Page Experience Update explained

Page Experience Update

Google Page Experience Update measures the experience users have when interacting with a website. It qualifies the perceived interaction as something bad or good. The level of satisfaction will decide the ranking of websites. Therefore, it’s no longer just about enticing people to come and view the page.

The bigger focus is on how to make users stay and feel good. According to Google, the goal is to improve user-friendliness. Some of the parameters in determining how good the website is, including load time, quality of content, and overall experience when using the site. These are the best ways to prepare for the updates.

  • Improve loading time. The first standard to improve on is the loading time. Internet speeds are a lot faster these days than years ago. It means that most users are impatient. They already got used to a quick loading time and won’t wait for too long to load a page. The most considerable content should load at an average speed of 2.5 seconds. It’s usually the homepage since it contains text, images, videos, and other details. If the page doesn’t load quickly, it would be a disaster. No one will view the website. Worse, with this Google update, the website ranking might go down.
  • Layout shift. The visual stability of the website is also crucial. If a sudden shift alters user experience, it will affect how the users see the page. It will make them less enticed to stay. It’s a frustrating experience for many users, and it shouldn’t happen. Working with experts who will improve the website and ensure stability would be great.
  • Mobile-friendliness. Mobile device users account for more than half of all internet users. It will be a problem if the website doesn’t load quickly when opened on a mobile phone. It will lead to a terrible user experience. It will also push the website lower in search engine rankings. The website shouldn’t have a problem when loading on the phone. The text and images should be clear. The videos shouldn’t be too slow unless the user’s internet connection is bad. Working with the best SEO companies to improve the mobile-friendliness of the website is crucial.
  • Safe browsing. The website shouldn’t contain malware and viruses. If it does and the users report about it, the website will most likely go down the ranking. The company should have a strategy to determine the presence of malware and spyware. There needs to be immediate action to prevent the spread. It also includes the safety of users when doing a transaction on the page. There should be no potential for identity theft, stolen information, and security breach. Even before this Google update announcement, these issues should no longer exist. If they continue to be an issue, the website deserves to lose its status on top of the ranking.
  • Website organization. Navigating the page shouldn’t be a problem. Users have to feel good in browsing information and getting what they want. It helps to keep the menus short and organized. Fields with similar content should be under the same tab. Accessing the search tabs should also be easy to find the necessary information right away. It shouldn’t be hidden in the menu tab since it would be difficult to locate. The images and text have to be responsive too.
  • A clear call to action. The call to action button should be clear and easy to understand. It should also provide information about what will happen if the user clicks on it. Back then, “Learn more” was one of the most popular calls to action. It no longer cuts the deal. It should be more specific. For instance, the phrases “Get a quote” or “Explore the products” are among the better alternatives. Users know what awaits them after clicking the button.
  • Improve content with the aid of the best Fresno SEO companies. Despite the changes in Google’s rules, one thing remains the same. It’s the idea that content is king. The focus should be on offering people quality information. The posts should be clear and fresh. Think about the readers when creating the content. It’s a big mistake to focus on how the algorithms will rank the page instead of writing clearly for a human reader. There should also be clear examples. People want to understand the content further, and clear examples will illustrate the details. Instead of leaving it up to the readers’ imagination, the goal is to make it as straightforward as possible.

The headline has to be enticing and easy to understand. Even before opening the page, the user already knows what the content is about. It raises the level of interest. The first paragraphs should also be enticing. Most users don’t have time to go through the entire content. The first paragraph alone should be enough to understand the gist of the ideas

Finally, plagiarized content is a big no. It will lead to a heavy penalty. The website might have a hard time coming back after a plagiarized content. There are plagiarism checkers out there that help determine if other content with the same sentences and organization exists. There’s no excuse for publishing plagiarized information.

With the help of the best Fresno SEO companies, it’s even better to determine how to write the best content.

The point is that there’s nothing to be afraid of. This announcement from Google might seem big and scary, but it’s not. The best SEO companies are there to assist. They will also help determine the ways to get through these changes with ease.

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