Panasonic launches 7 new air purifier models at Rs 11995


Panasonic India has extended their air-purifier portfolio, the company has launched seven new models in the Air Purifier segment. Panasonic is keen to deliver a healthy life among the ordinary people. Seeing the severe air pollution in the country and the catastrophic effect of increasing air pollutant, the company came up with the idea of seven different models, specially designed air purifiers for the banal population. The device ranges from 11,995 to 34,995.


The devices are equipped with Nanoe technology, which enhances the quality of indoor air by filtering out harmful particles such as PM2.5. It also reduces the odour from the air and helps to keep the skin hydrated. The devices are also equipped with the Econavi technology, which monitors the product working according to the air quality. The feature also minimises the unnecessary operations by monitoring the daily life pattern of the user.

The devices are available in stylish designs, the new range can accommodate to room sizes from 283 sq. ft. to 452 sq. ft. The devices are also equipped with house-dust catcher and 3 Dimensions air flow system. Which mean it can catch big particles such as hair, fine dust particles, germs and the 3D airflow can suck up the particles, increasing the efficiency of the air purifier.

The new range is available with two types of air filters, HEPA Composite and Composite Air Filter. The Composite Air Filter consists of three kinds of technology, Super alleru-buster, Green Tea Catechin and Anti-bacteria Enzyme and can prevent 17 kinds of virus, bacteria and allergens up to 99%. While the HEPA Composite Air Filter can remove 99.7% particles from the air. The devices are also equipped with features such as sleep mode, child lock and filter replacement indicator. The Air-Filters comes with life up to 10 Years.

Product Guide

Model MRP
F-PBJ30ADD Orange  11,995
F-PXJ30AAD Turquoise  16,995
F-PXM35ASD Silver  20,995
F-PXM35AAD Flower  21,995
F-VXM35AAD L-Blue  27,995
F-PXM55AND C-Gold  34,995
 F-PXM55AAD O-Blue  33,995


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