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OnePlus 3 Review – Best Phone of 2016

OnePlus the company that starts back in 2014, with the launch of their first beast in the market, the OnePlus One. That device is still being used and even purchased by so many consumers. After few months they came up with OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, but like its previous device they were not able to perform well. There was so many question that arises which makes the company still while the launch of oneplus 2 and oneplus x. So, to answer all their question they come up with another device in 2016, Oneplus 3. So, as per my views and usage this is the best phone of 2016 or we can say that, the award for best phone 2016 should be given to Oneplus 3. Everything is almost perfect.

So let, see how it performs in a real cruel world.



Previously, OnePlus came up with some unique design and material to make the device looks different from other brands in the market, but they have changed this thing in there latest release OnePlus 3. This time there is no swappable back covers with different material where as they have made OnePlus 3 out of full metal unibody and taking away plastic and glass body and instead of swappable back panels they have added StyleSwap covers made by using different unique material which feels good once to put them one the smartphone.

Coming to the front part there you will get a 5.5-inches Large display with minimal size of bezel on its sides but at the top and the down portion there is a large bezzel which makes the device quite big.

oneplus 3 techniblogic

Beneath the display of the phone, at lower bezel you will get a home button and beside it fits up capacitive navigation keys. The fingerprint sensor is already sits in the home buttons which unlock the phone in a fraction of a second and you don’t need to wake up the phone to unlock it.oneplus 3 techniblogic

Coming to the very bottom of the phone, it houses the USB Type-C port beside it a single speaker and a headphone jack.

oneplus 3 techniblogic

Turning around to the right you will get a power button and turning further to the left you will get volume rockers and above, there is a notification profile switcher which is used these days most of the time.


At the back side of the smartphone you will get a bumped out 16 MP camera which captures some great images and video. There are antenna lines alos which we are familiar in iPhones.



OnePlus 3 consist of a 5.5-inch Full HD panel. Although almost all other flagships have moved towards Quad HD still in Full HD panel OnePlus 3 performs great.

Overall the display is superb, and it loaded with new flagship features like always on display.That makes it more special.The screen visibility in different lighting situation is also good.


oneplus 3 techniblogic

As we all know whenever Oneplus comes up with something new it is always great. So as this time, OnePlus 3 delivers all what we can expect and need with the same the price bracket. Under the metal body construction OnePlus 3 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor supporting with an Adreno 530 GPU & 64GB of non-expandable storage. Coming to the performance party it is one of the smoothest phone till now and it is more polished because of their Oxygen OS, which is almost stock.

Coming to the usual benchmarks, OnePlus 3 scores 141955 in the AnTuTu Benchmark, which is a bit better than Samsung FLAGSHIP. As OnePlus 3 is equipped with 6GB of RAM, which makes the device which support highest RAM in the market as well as make’s it best for multitasking and for any kind of job. OnePlus 3 has already left enough free RAM to make it perform best.

From every aspect like gaming, media, browsing and all multitasking, the OnePlus 3 work’s flawlessly with no question in mind.



OnePlus 3 finally adds up NFC, which was removed in their previous flagship. Using NFC now you can transfer payments easily, share files and do many other things. This time they have also added dual-SIM capabilities but there is no slot for memory expansion, inspite of that OnePlus 3 is one of the best options available in the market.
 oneplus 3 techniblogicThe home button which is beneath the display also adds up a fingerprint sensor and it is one of the fastest fingerprint sensor i have ever used better than any Apple device.

The OnePlus 3 comes up with a 3000mAh non-removable battery, which seems to be pretty low compared to such specs but as they have already couples with a Dash charging power which charges the phone to 60% from empty in half an hour.

Overall, hardware which comes with OnePlus 3 is said to be among best in its price. This is definitely a premium flagship smartphone of the year.



On the back side of OnePlus 3 it is having a 16MP camera with in built OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and a phase detection autofocus.

Coming to the camera apps it looks like stock camera app but has a lot of other and stable features which is required in day to day usage. While swiping you will get different modes like panorama mode, color mode etc.oneplus 3 techniblogic

They have also added a Manual mode in their application which make you capture the images which you want. As there are so many positive points in their camera still the camera images and colors seems to be inconsistent. While recording the video the focus seems to be little blow slow.



Coming to the software part of OnePlus 3, it runs on OnePlus Oxygen OS, with Android Marshmallow loaded on top of it. It works perfectly with smoothest UI i have ever used.

As we all know from past all Oneplus devices are based on customization, and this time also they have added so many customization and the main added feature is the Dark Mode.

They have also added so many gestures and one of them is that now you can launch the camera by double pressing the home button. Rest everything works perfectly i have not seen any lag, issue, crashes in 4 month of usage.

Whereas Oxygen seems to be like stock Android with added features if cyanogen in it.


The OnePlus 3 is available to buy Rs.27,999, and is one of the cheapest phone which is available with 6Gb ram and best Hardware in the market. But soon Oneplus 3T, which is the updated version of Oneplus 3 is set to release with better specs and hardware.
Overall the device is perfect at this price, and you can go with it. You won’t feel any issue or any problem while using the device for next few years.
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