Panasonic expands its Home Appliances Segment in India

panasonic microwave

Consumer durables major Panasonic India, today announced a significant expansion of its ‘Intelligent Home appliance’ range covering four models of the refrigerator, 17 models of washing machine and a new invertor model microwave. The intelligent home appliance range is equipped with core technologies and features such as the ECONAVI Inverter technology that detects unconscious waste of energy using different sensors and optimizes operations according to environmental conditions. With this new launch, Panasonic is looking at 40 % growth in the home appliances category in FY 2018-19.

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The new models are designed with advanced Inverter technology that will make the user’s everyday life more comfortable, convenient and energy efficient. The technology used to ensure the efficient working of appliances with significant energy saving and less noise. Assuring a clean wash, the new washing machine models are having Active Foam and Stain Master feature that creates high-density foam to remove dirt and stains respectively. These are available in the capacity of 6.2kgs to 14kgs in the range of Rs. 20,000 to Rs 60,000.

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The Panasonic Intelligent invertor refrigerators with ECONAVI technology is designed to cool 50% faster while reducing electricity consumption. The 307 L and 336 L refrigerator priced at a starting range of Rs. 37,000 and Rs. 45,000 respectively, optimize the cooling performance with intelligent ECONAVI sensors and the AG Clean technology ensures 99.9% bacteria elimination. When it’s come to good health, there is no compromise. Now users can cook delicious and healthy food with the Zero Oil recipes of Panasonic microwaves. The price of the microwave models is starting from Rs. 6700 to 20,990.

New Panasonic Home Appliances in India

Washing machine

panasonic washing machine

The new washing machines from Panasonic are equipped with features like ‘Active foam’, ‘Aqua Spin’ and ‘Stain master’ that will solve all your washing problem. The Aqua Spin rinse feature comes with a 6 ring shower system. Featuring a big washing tub, the models are available in 7 different colours like Grey Charcoal to Floral Blue. The washing machine with ECONAVI technology has the most efficient wash cycle that not only saves energy and time but also reduces water usage by 25%.


panasonic refrigator


The Refrigerator comes with a stylish floral print design and a six-speed inverter compressor powered by cutting-edge ECONAVI technology. The Refrigerator range boasts of features like a large storage and frost free refrigeration, and are available in Pointed Flower- Wine, Flower- Blue, and Wine Lilly colours.


panasonic microwave

Promoting a healthy cooking habit, the 30-litre convection microwave comes with the zero oil cooking feature. Panasonic MWO -30 Convection model is also available in 20, 23 & 27-liter variants. These models are equipped with features like Auto Menu for cooking quick meals, Vapour Clean for easy cleaning, Epoxy grey cavity coating for protection against any kind of dirt accumulation. The inverter technology delivers a seamless stream of cooking power and a double heating power allows to Barbeque, Bake or tandoor Indian delicacies.

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