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Top 6 Best Hamachi Alternatives 2021 – Best For Virtual LAN Gaming!


We all know about LAN which is nothing but a group of computers connected to each other via a LAN cable. Many of us use a LAN connection to play multiplayer games. There is another concept of multiplayer gaming which is quite similar to LAN – VLAN Gaming. VLAN stands for a virtual local area network. VLAN basically allows multiple servers or network devices to appear on the same LAN even if the devices are not physically connected to each other or are located someplace else. Now we shall introduce you about Hamachi and how does it work.

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Coming to the topic, Hamachi is a VPN software that uses VLAN to connect devices over the internet in such a way that it seems like devices are connected over LAN. It is a free VPN which makes connecting computers over the internet quite easily. Like Hamachi, there are some other alternatives too which serve the same purpose. So, let us know more about them.

Top 6 Best Hamachi Alternatives 2021



Evolve uses the motto of Gaming. Better. Together. which itself is sufficient enough to describe it. Evolve makes sure that all you’ve to do is to play and the rest of the things are managed by it. All you’ve to do is to launch your game and access the overlay using a hotkey. Using evolve you can also chat with friends, surf the web, take screenshots, record video, and broadcast with Twitch. Thus, with Evolve, you’ll get various features which you’ll surely love about. Click here to download.



Garena is somewhat similar to Tunggle. Here also users can create an account and use the Garena software to connect to the virtual network. Game rooms are available that need to be joined to play with other people over the LAN. Garena has got some pretty amazing features like avatars, message logs, tournaments, blocking users, friends, replays, ladders and much more. One thing which you should keep in mind is that Garena is only available for Microsoft Windows. Click here to download.


game ranger

GameRanger is the longest running multiplayer online gaming service on any platform. It is a free download for both Mac and PC which let’s you play over 700 games online. GameRanger also offers some pretty cool features like profiles, friend’s lists, instant messaging, in-game voice communication, and competitive ladders/rankings/ratings. The level of security and stability provided by GameRanger is uncomparable as unlike other Virtual LAN gaming clients, GameRanger does not utilize various drivers to emulate LAN gaming but achieves the same internally via its client. Click here to download.



Wippien is a free, open source VPN solution which is easy to use and at just 2 MB this software is one of the lightest VPN creators out there. One of the constraints is that you can only use a Gmail/Jabber account to run this. This is safer then Hamachi, and most importantly, is so much faster and doesn’t drop out on you. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best alternatives to Hamachi. Click here to download.



With NetOverNet, you can connect multiple devices and plus point that you’ll find here is that each of the devices has their individual login/passwords. Users can log in using their credentials privately. NetOverNet allows direct connection from any computer running Windows or Mac OS, mobile devices based on Android and iOS, and even hardware routers. It is better than hamachi as it is simple and adds extra security to users. Click here to download.


FreeLAN is one of the most extensive yet simple to use VPN creator. It is completely open-source and can be customized to create a network following topologies like client-server, peer-to-peer, or hybrid. In order to run the application, you need to manually configure the FreeLAN config file as the software offers no GUI. With FreeLan, you can enjoy smooth gaming experience without any lag. There are no sudden ping spikes. Overall it will definitely work as an alternative to Hamachi. Click here to download.

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All the Hamachi Alternatives discussed here are good in their own ways. However, Evolve and GameRanger is used by quite a number of users. Garena, Tunggle and FreeLan are similar are quite simple to use. If you want a lightweight VPN, you should go for Wippien. In case you want a more secure one, go for NetOverNet. All of these can be downloaded and installed directly on your systems without any hassle. Keep playing and let us know which one of the above you found more appropriate.

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