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10 Best Rainmeter Skins 2020 for Windows [Free Download]


The first thing you encounter while operating on a PC/Laptop is its how it actually looks. It may sound irrelevant but sometimes you’re judged by the wallpaper or theme you use on your system. Desktop themes have now become old school, customizable skins on your system are the latest trend that most of the people are using nowadays. If this topic seems new to you, don’t worry we are here to guide you with a tool called Rainmeter which allows you to display customizable skins on your desktop ranging from hardware usage bar to fully functional audio visualizers. The only thing you need is to be creative. So, presenting you with the top 10 websites where you can get Best Rainmeter Skins for free.

What is Rainmeter Skin?

As per Wikipedia, Rainmeter is a free and open-source desktop customization utility for Windows, released under the GNU GPL v2 license. It allows users to create and display user-generated customizable desktop widgets or applets called “skins” that display information.

Now to explain it further Rainmeter is just a tool that can be used to customize your Windows PC. Just like our android phone launchers, it includes a powerful set of features that can be customized and will continually surprise you at every point of time. However, it is very important to understand what actually Rainmeter does not do to your system:

Rainmeter does not change your Windows visual style. It cannot change the appearance of your taskbar, Start button, desktop icons, file explorer, or other built-in Windows components.

  • Many of my friends ask me whether a rainmeter is going to track your window’s actions or not; so the simple answer is it just doesn’t track anything. It just adds new looks to your windows PC.
  • By using Rainmeter it just does not replace any applications.

In short, Rainmeter is a kind of application using which you can transform your old looking windows to a new looking amazing desktop. Just by one click, all the looks of your desktop will be changed.

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10 Best Rainmeter Skins 2021 for FREE

1. Amatical

Amatical - Best Rainmeter Skins
Amatical is one of the Best Rainmeter Skins to download

Amatical is one of the Best Rainmeter Skins which you can customize as per your preference. Along with the date, time, and whether you’ll also be able to see your CPU, RAM, and Hard Disk usage. One amazing feature of this theme or would say skin is that you’ll be able to select a quote that you want to display on your screen. You can also search for anything on Google using the search option on this theme. In order to open the settings, just move your mouse over the clock, date, or weather skin and just double-click on it.

Download: Windows

2. Ultralight 1.0.1

Best Rainmeter Skins
Ultralight 1.0.1 Rainmeter Skin

As the name suggests, this skin is very light and uses very less amount of your CPU. The objective of this theme is to keep things to a minimum level which will ensure the fast functioning of the system. Therefore, it is another best skins for your desktop to download. Along with date and time, there are five other widgets given which you can customize. The five icons include a browser, file explorer, music, video, and a game icon. This theme includes a very minimal number of items which makes it an efficient Rainmeter theme.

Download: Windows

3. Translucent Taskbar 1.2

Best Rainmeter Skins
Translucent Taskbar 1.2 Rainmeter Skin

Translucent Taskbar 1.2 makes your taskbar semi-transparent. There are no such widgets/icons to show on the screen. The only work this theme does is to make your taskbar translucent and hence the name. It makes your taskbar translucent by enabling the blur behind it. As per the latest version you can also disable the blur option. Along with the disabling blur option, you can also add more than two monitors support. The only thing you need to ensure is that you’re having Windows 10 because this theme works only on that.

Download: Windows

4. Rainmeter Win10

Best Rainmeter Skins
Rainmeter Win10 Rainmeter Skin

Like the previous theme, this one also works only on a specific version of Windows; Windows 10. In this theme, you’ll get various skins that you can easily customize as per your requirements. In the latest updates, this theme has several newly added features such as; a bigger clock, WiFi language, mini steam, steam id, and a game icon. Along with these widgets, there are several other icons with which you can easily monitor the current activities of your system. These skins include RAM, hard disk storage, memory, processor information, and battery. This skin supports only two languages which are, English and Hungarian.

Download: Windows

5. SYSMontior v1.2 1.2

Best Rainmeter Skins
SYSMontior Rainmeter Skin

SYSMontior v1.2 is a different kind of theme. The whose sole purpose is to give you all the information about your system. It includes information regarding memory usage in all the partition drives of your system.  Network configuration including LAN IP, WAN IP, upload, and download speed is also being displayed in this theme. Other than that, it includes all the details about the processing unit as it shows power consumed by the CPU and its temperature. Using this theme, you can also see which thread is executed and by what core of the particular processor that you’re using. Overall this theme gives a detailed view of your CPU.

Download: Windows

6. Rusa Jantan Suite

Best Rainmeter Skins
Rusa Jantan Suite Rainmeter Skin

Rusa Jantan is one of the coolest themes you’ll ever encounter. It includes all the essential widgets such as explorer, download, control panel, etc. A clock widget is also provided which looks quite attractive. Other than these useful widgets, you’ll also find icons for Spotify player and an AIMP player. One important aspect of these themes is that multiple users can customize it as per their requirement and use it on the same system. There is a logout button on the skin using which users can switch among themselves.

Download: Windows

7. Wisp v2.4.3 for Rainmeter

Best Rainmeter Skins
Wisp for Rainmeter

Talking about cool themes, you’ll surely love this one. Wisp2.4.3 boasts many features and all the widgets are displayed in a box-like structure making it look compact and viewable. The skin has an interactive configuration app, CPU information, memory drives, GPU, network, and weather widgets. It has also got an email skin that currently supports Gmail only. Currently this theme in four different colors which are; green, red, blue, and dark orange. Make sure you have the or higher version of Rainmeter installed on your system for the smooth functioning of this amazing skin.

Download: Windows

8. LIM!T [1.2]

Best Rainmeter Skins
LIM!T Rainmeter Skin

LIM!T skin suite is one of the most decent and simple skins that you’ll ever find. It ’s designing is done in a great way; the text fills up as it’s valued grows. For instance, a second pass, the minute’s text fills up; as minute pass, the hour text fills up; as Hour pass, the AM/PM fills up, and so on. The weather skin is shown in the text which is represented by three colors which are; blue for low temperature, red for high temperature and gold for the current temperature. Thus, only by looking at the color, you can determine the weather temperature. You can not only determine the outside temperature but also your own CPU’s temperature using this skin. It may look conventional but it has got some pretty decent features.

Download: Windows

9. Tron Tron Rainmeter

Best Rainmeter Skins
Tron Tron Rainmeter one of the best rainmeter skins for gamers

Tron which is a very impressive theme that got some really cool technical design and features. It has got widgets of the clock, weather, calendar, music player, and Core memory information. Along with these widgets, it has also got more than eight icons of skins such as mail, browser, video player, and many more. The amazing thing about this theme is that all the images of this theme have a glowing light, be it internal or external. This adds depth and an eye-catching dimension to the graphics.

Download: Windows

10. Aliens

Best Rainmeter Skins
Aliens Rainmeter Skin

This theme has got a bit different design algorithm from the rest of the skins mentioned here. Here you’ll find numerous widgets that will surely make your task much easier. Here you’re provided with skins such as notepad, Google search, CPU and Hard Disk configuration, etc. You can also open a browser, play music and so much more use this theme. One impressive feature about this theme is that you’ll get a live feed widget which will display all the live news directly on your desktop. Overall this theme has got some pretty amazing stuff that you’ll surely love to use.

Download: Windows


In order to make sure that all of these themes work smoothly on your computer, you just have to do two simple tasks. The first one is to install a Rainmeter application on your system and then download any of these skins via the given link. Make sure that the skin which you download has an extension of .rmskin. All the themes mentioned here are good in their own ways like if you’re looking for something geeky or more detailed, you must go for SYSMonitor, Aliens, Rainmeter Win10, and Tron Tron.

Download Rainmeter Installer

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If you want a decent theme with some few but important widgets then Amatical, Ultralight, Rusa Jantan are the ones that you should really prefer. Talking about the cool designing factor, Wisp and LIM!T is pretty amazing in this genre. If you want nothing, just a full desktop screen without a taskbar you know which theme to go for. Here we are sure that you’ll definitely find a theme that best suits you. So, download and enjoy it.

If you have any suggestions for New Best Rainmeter Skins that we should add in this best skins for rainmeter List, feel free to contact us at [email protected], we always welcome new ideas. Thank you and stay subscribed for more content.

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