Passing the RedHat RHCSA EX200 Certification Exam With Practice Test Questions


Red Hat Inc., a company known for providing open source software solutions that suit one needs and are the subject of constant improvement and development. Red Hat is renowned for providing solutions to at least 90% of the Fortune 500 companies. The organization has been very reputable for providing Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) supplies for almost two decades. Now it’s one of the leading companies that produce highly reliable technologies which refer to the cloud, virtualization, storage or operating systems.

One of the most basic and popular certification for system-administrators is RHCSA. The RHCSA credential can be useful in any IT-related profession that needs the basic system administration abilities. One should be a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) in order to become a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE). One needs to pass EX200 certification exam first. This gauges the individual’s knowledge and abilities in important IT sectors, for example, system administration, as it is needed in many areas and cases of deployment. EX200 practice test is generally concentrated on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. This exam is performance-based thus passing the practice test depends on the extent to which the examinee tackles the questions. The abilities tested in EX200 exam include the basics for all Red Hat system administrators.

Red Hat EX200: Exam Structure

The RCHSA certification practice test is always performance-based. It measures the skills and conceptual knowledge of the candidate in the area of Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration. The examinees carry out several routine tasks on system administration that determine if they are well-equipped according to the set objectives.

The exam is always practical, so the candidates are expected to carry out hands-on tasks just like the ones they would deal with in real-life situations. The practical session is done in two and a half hours.

During this certification practice test, no candidate is allowed to access the Internet and no third party materials are allowed in the exam room – this guarantees that successful students are always genuine and competent in the market as no cheating is allowed. The only material allowed in the exam room is the documentation that comes with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Red Hat EX200: Exam Objectives

In preparation for the practice test, the candidate should have a look at the exam objectives, as they will guide him or her on the topics that need to be mastered. Even though the objectives are always subject to change, they are always publicly available through the official objectives list.

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Below are the most common objectives of the Red Hat EX200 practice test grouped into three sections:

Section1: Comprehension and working with vital tools

  • Give commands with the right syntax
  • Be able to use input-output redirections
  • Be able to access remote systems by the use of SSH
  • Create links, both hard and soft ones
  • Be able to sign in as different users in areas that require user switching
  • Use commands like tar, star, gzip, and bzip to perform tasks like archiving, compressing, uncompressing, and unpacking
  • Create and make changes in document files
  • Create, erase, copy, and change file locations and directions
  • Be able to put in use the grep command for regular expressions of plain text analysis

Section2: Work on systems that are in use or running

  • Be able to start, restart, or close down a machine in a normal way
  • Interfere with the process of booting to access the machine
  • Find and interfere with log files of the system and journals
  • Point out the central processing unit and the most concentrated memory processes, and change priorities by closing other processes
  • Start and stop practical machines
  • Be able to share files safely between systems

Section 3: Create or design local storage

  • Create and remove segments on MBR and GPT disks
  • Create and clear physical volumes, and allocate them to volume groups

Other objectives include the following: deployment, configuration, and maintenance of systems, managing users of the machines, as well as security management of different groups.

Red Hat EX200: Exam Scores

The practice test scores can be found on Red Hat Certification Central. The examiners do not issue the practice test results directly to the examinees. The score results are usually divided into three sections just like the exam and are normally issued within a period of 3 business days. Red Hat does not issue individual question scores; it also does not provide any other information on request.

Red Hat EX200: Exam Requirements

In order to be eligible for the Red Hat EX200 exam, the candidate should complete the Red Hat Administration I and II courses or even the RHCSA Rapid Track Course, or be experienced as a system administrator on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The practice test takers are also expected to know the exam objectives well. It is always a good idea to visit the official website to get more information about an exam or a certification.

Red Hat EX200: Study Materials and Resources

The examinees are recommended choosing at least one of the official training courses offered to help them in their exam preparation. Although this is not a strict requirement, passing the exam heavily relies on these important training. The preparation materials are offered in classrooms or online. Red Hat has even made the whole process easier for the candidates by providing an online skill assessment that guides them in the course selection. As much as attending training courses is important, one should not forget that the candidate’s personal experience and practice are also crucial for the ultimate success.

Red Hat also provides books and reading materials for their products but has not certified any of them as a study guide. The students may read more additional resources, such as valid exam dumps that contain previous EX200 exam questions and answers that provide candidates with a wide scope of knowledge and help in passing the exam. A number of websites that offer exam dumps are available on the internet today, use the following one to get the  latest RHCSA EX200 exam dumps:


The objectives of EX200 exam exhaustively cover the topics of system administration of the Linux operating system. A successful candidate who has thoroughly studied the listed objectives may be a very competent individual in the IT profession and in system administration in particular. The company offering the practice test is also renowned and sought-after, as it is trusted by numerous companies worldwide, and their certifications are highly recognized in the IT job market.

The nature in which the exams are offered is also an assurance of a well-equipped system administrator, as the performance-based questions require the examinee to use the practical skills that will be needed in the actual job.

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