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The modern generation is the one which wants something new every day. Usual stuff doesn’t excite us much. If you are of the same thinking then why click pictures the traditional way? We now present you PIP editor. PIP Photo Editor is a KING amongst its contemporaries and takes the quality and editing range of your photos to the next level. This all in one photo editing app is a must have for your smartphones. When you do not get the desired picture even from high megapixels smartphones, all you need a wonderful photo editor that can add the required elements to your picture.

There are a lot of fun features on this app. You can merge two pictures at the same time. Out of the two one is your picture and the second one is our frame. Some of the frame features are –

  • Pip photo frames
  • Pip effects
  • Magazines
  • Stickers
  • Things
  • Displays

Let’s have a look at the services provided. For the easy understanding, everything is explained step or option wise.

PIP Photo Editor – Filtration 

Pip Photo Editor Filtration can be used in two ways –

  • To all photos/pictures at once
  • To the primary photo/picture only.

Photo Selection – For each photo

  • You can select whether you want to take it with the camera
  • Choose from the gallery.
    Fear not, if the plethora of photo frames provided by PIP Photo Editor in every shape and frame prove less for you than the LIBRARY option allows you to install more photo frames. You can keep doing your art on your photos/pictures.

Highlight Reel For PIP Photo Editor  

  • PIP (Picture in Picture)– Most exciting photo frames in this Pip photo Editor App.
  • Magazine Library–Click on any photo/picture and download it immediately from the multiple layouts of exclusively developed and created photo frames.
  • PIP Frames–Be it popular Photo Frames, Pip photo Frames, wonderful Frames or Post Card Frames, there is a large collection of photo frames and more are added every day without having to upgrade the app.
  • Stickers–Creative stickers with cute and effects for pictures that you will love.

Most Popular PIP Photo Editor Features –

Easy Collage Making – Let your each picture tell a distinct story. Frames and Designs like Crystal Bottle Design, Photo Frames Series, Animated Style, etc. are just a minute example of it. To design an innovative collage just chooses a design, and then select photos/pictures. Not only that, you can easily share it to with your friends and family with just a simple tap.

Why Store When You Can Capture – Some people live on the edge and that’s why you will not find many pictures in their gallery. For those people too, this app is very easy to use. Through Pip Photo Editor you just select the design of your liking and then click photos you want to at will.

For The Photographer’s – Tired of being cheated under the mention of using the best photo editing apps. Then this PIP Photo Editing app comes as a moment of respite for you and is your chance to try something new in picture layouts! Start Clicking Now!

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