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PMP Benefits For You and Your Organization

Among the project managers, recruiters and HR managers, PMP has gained a positive reputation. And specifically for project managers, it is a recognized certification in industries. PMP showcase the skills, experiences, education, and capability which is necessary for directing the projects. PMP is the most desired certification managed by the PMI (Project Management Institute, USA).

Nowadays, PMP (Project Management Professionals) are essential for every enterprise. The need is in terms of the skill demands that vary among various geographies and industries. As per the PMI survey report for 2014, shows that there will be immense opportunities for professionals of Project Management.

As we know, the companies these days hire employees from different cultural backgrounds and it increases the need of project managers with a standard skill set. Moreover, these project managers are expected to manage projects for system improvements which direct vision into the real goals and desired outcomes. And also managing different constraints of projects.


These days, the project team have become an important component for IS departments. Information System depends on the project team to develop new frameworks and to actualize new innovations. Therefore, the job of the task chief is progressively critical.

An ever-increasing number of organizations depend on talented project managers to meet timelines, spendings, and quality objectives. ‘Project Manager’ has turned into a recognized title in the IS field, with a characterized career path in numerous companies.

In 1984, the PMI started a Certification program in PM (Project Management). PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the task the executives calling’s most universally recognized and regarded certification.

In 1999, the PMI turned into the main Organization on the planet to have its accreditation program achieve International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 recognition. To get PMP Certification, an individual must fulfill instruction and experience prerequisites, consent to and cling to a code of expert direct, and pass the PMP Certification Examination.

In 2003, there were more than 50,000 PMPs who gave Project Management Services in 120 nations. This exploration researches the advantages, both to the individual and to the association, or PMP certification.

Be that as it may, what does picking up the PMP Certification extremely mean regarding explicit advantages for you and your association?

Advantages For Individuals

  • PMI Professional Credentials are generally recognized and acknowledged by companies around the globe as proof of a dimension of information and involvement in Project Management.
  • Project management professional certification is the most significant enterprise acknowledged certification for Project Managers. Over the globe acknowledged and demanded, the PMP shows that you have the education, experience, and competency to guide and direct responsibilities.
  • This recognition is seen through expanded attractiveness to employers and higher pay; as indicated by the PMI Project Management Salary Survey– Seventh Edition, certification decidedly impacts venture supervisor pay rates. Current review gauges are 15-20% more.
  • The PMI confirmation program underpins proficient development and progression while building more noteworthy undertaking the board information and aptitudes.
  • The PMP confirmation reflects best practices in the order of task the board, no one standard or industry. This gives better transferability among companies and ventures. Accreditation holders can have certainty that the PMP certification gives a gauge recognized in an assortment of companies, enterprises, and methodological methodologies.
  • Since PMI keeps up such thorough practices to keep its accreditation program significant and approved, you never need to stress over a PMI confirmation getting to be old.

Advantages for Organizations

  • The PMP program is the main expert confirmation program on the planet to accomplish International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2000 recognition, an all-inclusive recognized mark of quality administration frameworks.
  • PMI has given task the board certification s to more than 25 years, and the PMP certification was the first planned explicitly for undertaking chiefs.
  • PMI gives autonomous certification of venture directors as a major aspect of its job in setting industry principles for the calling.
  • The point of the PMP Certification test and its chaperon prerequisites is to provide applicant of these administrations with some confirmation that the individual or individuals conveying the venture the board benefit meet autonomously checked principles of training.
  • PMI’s confirmation program is intended to guarantee that all accreditation holders have shown their capability through reasonable and legitimate measures. One of the manners by which this is actualized is through a situation based numerous decision examination organize, which is an exceedingly dependable approach to survey venture the board ability.
  • PMI utilizes very respectable testing companies to acquire outsider approval of the PMP program. In contrast to interviews and papers, which are not dependable and can be affected by numerous elements other than the test taker’s expert foundation, PMI’s program mirrors a system utilized by most world-class authorizing companies, for example, nursing, design, and building.
  • PMI goes past testing to estimate PMP certification applicants by utilizing the 5 E’s of a task the board ability:
    • Education Eligibility: A base number of contact hours in training are required.
    • Experience: A base number of hours that are lined up with explicit undertaking the executive’s errands are required.
    • Examination: A situation-based numerous decision examination design is utilized and gives a very dependable approach to survey venture the board ability.
    • Ethics: All applicants and accreditation holders must cling to the PMI® Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
    • Education for Maintenance of Certification: PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program additionally mirrors these accepted procedures. The CCR program guarantees that ensured experts keep up and keep on building up their capability in the venture the executives, dissimilar to other certification programs that are lifetime accomplishments.
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