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Power of Personalization in Digital Marketing

As humans, we always remember the brands and people who offer us a personal experience or something to relate to their existence of importance in our life. This is the power of personalization that top marketers and publishers like Forbes tell their readers all the time. The leading marketers tell their followers to make sure their users, readers, customers, and clients get a personal experience from your brand that always stays in their minds and gives them a reason to come back to you.

The rise of the mobile-driven economy has further changed the demographics of how brands interact with their target customers. The game has changed forever and the companies which are ready to accept the change are already making it big by offering personalized services to their customers. In today’s world, the advertisements are just not enough to reach out the potential customers, rather it is imperative for the brands to present them technology-based avenues like social media, chatbots, and influencers-based and content-centric marketing practices.

Get the Best Out of Customers’ Data

Thankfully, brands now have a better-than-ever access to the data which help them in knowing their customers and audiences in an efficient way. Now they can remodel their marketing strategies on the basis of their consumers’ behaviors. They now have the opportunity to personalize their strategies according to what their customers want, and this is where they are making it big. While many have grabbed the opportunity but for many others, the opportunity has turned out to be a challenge. Such companies and brands are yet to realize the potential of digital marketing personalization and are lagging behind their peers.

Are You Ready to Design Customer-Centric Strategies?

The question for many companies to answer here is how ready they are to design strategies that put their customers in the center. According to a report prepared by the PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Forrester Research, personalization holds the central value for companies and brands that are ready to put their customers at the center of their marketing.

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Communication Holds the Key

The road to digital personalization has shifted the process from what a company has to offer to what a customer needs. In order to make it happen, communication takes center-stage. The global businesses invest their time and energy in devising communication strategies that build the customers’ trust on the brand, including the communication strategy by Melinda Bak, which in turn has paid them dividends over the time. Another example of ensuring a personalized approach is through social media engagement where a single reply on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram may go a long way in making your customer build trust in your brand.

If your digital marketing is able to extract a personalized customer experience from the available data from different sources, you’re well and truly on the right track. Let’s take a look at some of the upsides of adopting personalized digital marketing approach.

  1. Customer Loyalty Enhancement

When you are able to make your customer feel valued and satisfied, it is going to make them stay with your brand instead of looking for other options for the same product or service. This way you would be able to develop a pool of loyal customers.

  1. Hike in Conversion Rate

It is all about pitching your customers with what they like rather than offering them the products they don’t even require. In such a personalized scenario, loyal customers are set to contribute to the company’s increased conversions.

  1. The rise in Average Order Value

The success of your personalized digital marketing approach will eventually help boost the average order value of your company. A happy customer is a satisfied customer, which not only increases the ratings of your products but also raises its average order value with more targeted suggestions.

To sum it up, let’s say it is about building that connection with the customer that makes him feel connected to the brand. You would see all the leading companies like Netflix or Amazon serving their customers in a personalized way to make them feel valued. This is the optimum challenge for every business in the world and the company with the most number of satisfied and happy customers would eventually win the game of numbers. After all, the customer is always right!

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