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PS4 vs Xbox One : Which one to go ?

If you enjoy gaming, you are probably familiar with the best consoles. But, is the PS4 or Xbox One the right fit for you? These days there are dozens of online stores from which you can buy the latest consoles. Many of them even allow you to spread the cost using pay weekly and pay monthly deals. Consider some of these factors when deciding which console to buy, and which will give you the most gaming enjoyment.

Hardware –

PS4 is the smaller of the two, but the Xbox one has easier to access rear panels. The PS4 has a more distinct angular shape, and hidden ports make it a sleeker, slimmer looking machine. Xbox One does feature the ability to upgrade, and features more ports for connection options. Sony features more external storage options, while the Xbox One has limited options on this end.

Specs –

Xbox has a more powerful CPU, while the PS4 has a more powerful GPU. So the question is, do you prefer more graphics (PS4) or greater speeds and clock rates (Xbox)? Depending on the gaming, your answer may differ. For fast paced, shooter style games, Xbox might be the best option. For RPG, games with depth, character development, and unique level play, PS4 may be the route to go. The Xbox has a custom chip built in, meaning an increasing in processing speed and capabilities.


Both systems have built in 8 GB of RAM, but allocation of memory differs. PS4 went with the faster bandwidth, meaning less freezing or lag time in play. So, this is a great benefit for fast paced, shooter style gaming. The AMD architecture is fairly similar in both systems, and allocated memory for game developers is limited (at best) with both gaming systems.

Gaming –

Ultimately it is going to come down to the type of gaming you prefer doing when deciding which of the two systems is right for you. If you are a dedicated shooter, RPG gamer, you are likely going to find that PS4 has more options, and more selection. However, the Xbox system does offer its fair share of games. Graphics with the Xbox are a bit better, meaning colour contrast and resolution are a bit clearer; further, there are more gaming options (online and off) with the system.

It typically comes down to name preference. Do you prefer Sony or Microsoft? In most cases this will dictate the purchase. But, for those who want to consider a little more, in addition to brand loyalty, these are a few additional factors to keep in mind when deciding which system, and which games you are most going to enjoy playing on either system.

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