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Qubo Smart Cam 360 Review – Your 3rd Eye!

The importance of adequate security measures for homes and business spaces cannot be stressed enough. Many big offices have advanced Security cameras set up that record every movement around their place to avoid mishappening. But it is too expensive. Therefore, for homes and small business owners, wifi cameras are one of the best solutions in the market to secure their places. It is much cheaper in cost and easy to install. In this article, I will be giving you Qubo Smart Cam 360 Review that is a Smart Security Camera that makes your home much safer.

In our recent post, we talked about the launch of Qubo Smart Cam 360 by Hero Electronix. Qubo company has gained its fair share of popularity in the last couple of years due to its premium quality products at an affordable price. Also, they promote their products to be “Made in India” which seems like a big win for the Indian consumers out there.

Moving on to the Qubo Smart Cam 360, it’s decently priced at a cost of Rs. 2,890 (which is actually its launch price). Once the launch offer ends, then its price may shoot back up to Rs. 3,990. Let’s see if the features that the Smart Cam provides justify its price tag.


What’s in the Box

Qubo Smart Cam 360 box content
  • Smart Cam 360 product
  • Power Adapter
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Wall Anchors (2units)
  • Wall Screws (2 units)
  • Qbook – Quick Guide
  • Location Label for Install on Wall
  • Warranty Card

Build & Design


Qubo Smart Cam 360 camera design is very simple and elegant. Its lens looks like a big eyeball. It has a good quality plastic body with a shiny finish. Qubo logo is printed above the LED notification light.


At the right side of the camera, you can see a speaker grill as you can listen and talk via the camera and the qubo app. It has a very loud sound as well, so if you installed this camera on the ceiling you can easily listen to its sound. It plays a siren in case a person is detected in the vicinity of the smart camera. The Two-Way Talk feature allows you to talk to the person on the other side of the camera. The audio quality may not be the best out there but it is appropriately decent.

qubo charging

On the backside, you will find a micro USB port to power this camera as well as a reset button.


At the bottom part, you will get two nail holes for hanging this camera on the ceiling. On the front side of the lens if you manually scroll the lens to the top you will find a MicroSD port in which you can insert up to 256GB MicroSD card and record videos offline.

Camera Quality

Qubo Smart Cam 360 Review

The Qubo Smart Cam 360 records your footage in 1080p full HD picture quality and it comes with infrared night vision for better clarity in low light conditions. It records average camera quality, you can check out 2 images clicked by this camera one in normal room lighting and the other is in no light. I am really surprised by the night mode quality as there is totally dark and still it gives a very good quality image. Not only does it record your clip for 24 hours consistently but also it provides you with a 360-degree view with a pan and tilts feature to grab the most out of any recording.

With the help of advanced low light technology, the Smart Cam 360 allows you to see a fully coloured recording in watchable quality. The application for this device allows you to hit “continuous record” if needed. This technology combined with pan and tilt functions ensures that there’s no blindspot. The Smart AI ingrained with this camera can distinguish between human beings and objects with ease. Users can select a motion or person as a trigger while setting up the application. It sometimes lags while rotating by app, I don’t know if it is a Camera bug or App bug but when the camera moves the live cam in the app lags.

Quick Setup with Qubo App

It is very easy to set up the Qubo Smart Cam 360. All you need to do is place your camera in the desired location. It has multiple mounting options – either install it on your ceiling or just keep it on a tabletop. And then, plug it into an electrical socket and you are almost done. The last stage includes installing the Qubo app on your device and finishing the setup connection.


The Qubo App comes with a neat UI and allows easy access to all the features surrounding this camera. From enabling motion tracking to setting an intruder alarm, all can be done within seconds using the Qubo application. This device works seamlessly with Alexa and Google Assistant which in turn allows you to use it at the convenience of a simple voice command.


It has 3 modes – Home, Away and Night. These are customizable modes that can be altered based on your preferences. It also allows you to set routines in case you want to automate your home. The Qubo Smart Cam 360 comes with theft-proof cloud storage that is based in India so your data will be secure even if the device is stolen.

You can watch the Full HD live video footage on your smartphone from anywhere. This comes in handy in case you are out on a vacation or having a long day at work. The continuous recording feature can be accessed quickly and you can swipe through the entire day’s timeline hassle-free.

It comes with 12 months of warranty and a wide service network in case you run into an issue.

And one thing more to add, you must check out Qubo Subscription Plans as you may need them. Because this type of security camera main disadvantage is its microSD card, if there is mishappening, there are chances where thieves may damage the camera or microSD card and then all the proof your camera recorded is of no use. So I totally recommend taking cloud storage plans if you want more security. As per the company, all the qubo cloud servers are in India and fully encrypted so your camera data will be secured and only you can access it.

qubo subscription plan

Comparing it to some other market leaders such as the Mi 360 Degree Home Security Camera; it’s priced at Rs 2,999 at the moment. The Qubo Smart Cam leads in this comparison because of its extended storage support, auto 360-degree rotation, and quicker motion alert detection than the Mi 360 in some instances.

Overall Qubo Smart Cam 360 is a good Security Device that you can buy in the Indian Market. It covers almost all the aspects of a professional security camera and even adds more smart features like face detection or motion tracking features to it. You can definitely go for this gadget in this budget.

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