New Racold Next-Generation Water Heaters Come With Efficiency, Convenience, And Control

New Racold Next-Generation Water Heaters Come With Efficiency, Convenience, And Control.

One of India’s most popular appliance manufacturers, Racold, has just released a new line of high-end water heaters that promises to change the game. Brand’s new Omnis and Altro water heater lines for 2023 have finally been released. Water heaters from a new line by renowned Italian designer Umberto Palermo. These exquisite patterns improve the decor of your city bathrooms. Racold’s creative, contemporary, and energy-efficient water heating systems are examples of the company’s forward-thinking, can-do spirit.

The newly introduced water heaters are designed to meet the varying needs and changing tastes of consumers by using cutting-edge technologies and designs. They were carefully crafted to guarantee comfort, security, efficacy, and the simple pleasure of taking a bath.

Managing Director and Country Manager (India), Ariston Group India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Mohit Narula, commented on the new introduction, saying, “Racold has been recognized for quality and innovation for over 60 years. We put in a lot of effort to learn about what people want and how they use products over time. Research like this has ensured that we created the best possible product. The modern consumer’s top complaints have inspired a brand-new line of water heaters.

Our water heaters are not only more convenient and easy to use, but they also have a lower carbon footprint. Voice commands, internet of things-enabled smart app controls, digital displays, and cutting-edge microprocessor-based capabilities like auto diagnostics are just a few examples of the cutting-edge amenities. Our dedication to producing the most energy-efficient products for sustainable and inclusive development is shown in the 5-star BEE accreditation that both the new and current Omnis ranges have earned.

Mr. Emanuele Stano, Vice President, Asia, reflected on the achievement, saying, “India is a focus market and a growth accelerator for Ariston Group.” A youthful and expanding population, in addition to economic growth and improved infrastructure, are the bedrock for sustainable and dependable market expansion. Providing Indian customers with high-quality hot water solutions while also safeguarding the environment is a top priority for Ariston Group, a world-renowned expert in thermal comfort and energy efficiency. Racold’s history—long associated with thermal comfort in India—and the Ariston Group’s Italian background make for a winning mix that was designed to appeal to Indian customers.

A revolutionary work of art, the Omnis DG Wi-Fi water heater gives you complete command over your hot showers and completely changes your expectations of how convenient a water heater can be. It comes in chic black and in either a 15- or a 25-liter size. Omnis DG WiFi has a Voice manage function that enables customers to interact with and manage water heaters by utilizing voice commands sent via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Use the command “Alexa, turn on the water heater”

Omnis DG WiFi also has an ECO feature powered by AI that helps you save money on your utility bills without sacrificing convenience. Further, the Racold Net app allows users to operate the built-in Wi-Fi function and get real-time alerts while keeping tabs on energy use.

Omnis DG is a cutting-edge water heater that prioritizes efficiency, safety, and comfort for its customers. This type is offered in three sizes (10, 15, and 25 liters) and two colors (Sandstorm Gold and Black).

Not only does this water heater have an innovative microprocessor-based auto-power-off and auto-diagnosis function, but it also has a digital display with touch control. Its silver ion technology is the first of its kind, and it efficiently inhibits the development of germs, so you may drink the hot water it produces with confidence.

Two of Omnis DG’s most useful functions—auto-power off and auto-diagnosis—are supported by the device’s CPU. With the auto-off feature, users may set a timer to automatically turn off the water heater, and with the auto-diagnosis feature, customers are guaranteed the highest level of protection thanks to constant monitoring of the product’s performance and the enforcement of safe operating restrictions.

There are three different sizes (10, 15, and 25 liters) and two different colors (Charming Grey and Premium White) for the Omnis R water heater. Developed with a focus on security and providing unrivaled functionality. The Children Care Mode included with the Omnis R prevents kids from being burned by the shower’s high temperature. Titanium Plus Technology, included in the new Omnis R, provides unrivaled durability and tank protection against corrosion in harsh water. The added degree of security offered by Safety+ is a welcome addition. Also, Flexomix allows for a continuous flow of hot water, so you may take longer showers.

Altro 2023: a day of quicker water heating with sleek instant geysers

The Altro i+ is a high-end instant geyser that comes in a stylish gray side ring and in either a 3- or 6-liter capacity. Among its many convenient extras are a smart LED ring that indicates when the water is hot and a specialized app that can be set to either the kitchen or the bathroom.

Duronox technology, which protects against hard water and increases the life of the 6-liter form, is a distinguishing feature. However, the 3-liter model’s two heating power choices of 3 kW and 4.5 kW make it particularly well-suited to rapid heating.

The Altro i instant water heater comes in two sizes (1 and 3 liters) and two colors (Grey and Blue for the 3-liter model only). Italian designers put their creative stamp on this brand-new product, which has a swirling wave pattern and twin LED indications. Its strong pressure resistance is a design feature that makes it ideal for use in tall structures. It also has an anti-siphon system to avoid backflow and provides quicker heating capabilities (3 Kw and 4.5 Kw).

Racold’s newest model, the Altro i DN, comes with a 3-liter capacity and a grey color ring as an available option. This state-of-the-art water heater, built with SS#316L and cutting-edge Duronox technology, is designed specifically for use in hard water environments, where it will provide years of reliable service. Key features include Safety Plus for three levels of protection, rapid heating, an anode to extend the water heater’s lifespan, resilience to high pressure for high-rise structures, and twin LED indicators for improved visibility.

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