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Rapoo VPRO V600S Wireless Gamepad launched in India at Rs 3,499

Well, there’s a good news for all the gamers out there. If you’re a gamer, you must have probably heard about Rapoo, which is a manufacturer of wireless peripherals and gaming products. Rapoo has recently launched VPRO V600S wireless Gamepad in India. This newly launched gamepad is a stylish, elegant gamepad with a dual touch ergonomic design and an evergreen classic button layout.

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Now let us discuss more this amazing console. It has got an eight-way directional pad with dual analogue sticks. This ensures high accuracy and thus will give you amazing going experience. Along with this amazing design, the gamepad also features slip resistant sides and contoured grips. This will help you to handle it with find grip without any chances of slipping.

While playing the gamers can use the XInput(X) mode to play the new generation of gamepad games available nowadays on their system. The users can also use DirectInput(D) mode to play classic gamepad games on their Windows PC. On the other hand, the Android (A) standard mode can be used play Android supported gamepad games.

Coming to other buttons, the X/D/A buttons allow gamers to easily switch among the three modes. The TUR button enables semi-automatic and fully automatic rapid-fire buttons. You can also disable the same using TUR button. If you wish to turn on or off the vibration, just press the VIB button. While playing you can feel the powerful vibrations which give you an exciting experience every time there is a crash or explosion.

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Rapoo VPRO V600S wireless Gamepad is tagged at ₹3,499. It can be bought through all the Rapoo authorised channel partners. It will also be available online on Amazon.in. If you want a wired version of this gamepad, you can get it at ₹2,999. Earlier the company launched A100 Bluetooth mini speaker in India which was quite a hit. The speaker was priced at ₹2,499. Coming back to Rapoo VPRO V600S wireless gamepad, the device is quite affordable and will surely fetch many gamers.

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