Reasons to use Comparium tool

Reasons to use Comparium tool 1

Are you developing a website and want to check how the website design is looking on each browser and how the site is functioning? Then, you need to use Comparium tool to carry out cross browsing testing. This is the best tool that is used to test whether or not the website is compatible with different browsers. You do not need to manually check the site on each browser instead use this tool. This tool will take the screenshots of the website on various browsers and email to you. This is an automated tool like selenium. This is a powerful tool that is helping the developers and designers to check whether or not the sites are compatible with various browsers and operating systems. This helps them to deliver a perfect website that is free from bugs to the client.

Reasons to use Comparium tool 2

Comparium is an online cross-browser website checking tool that is equipped with many other tools that allow you to check how the website is performing on different browsers and operating systems. The latest version of this tool was released in the market. This is available for free of cost. You can use this tool to check each web page and layout on different browsers. The best part of this tool is that you can select multiple browsers to see how the website or the whole site is looking on each browser.

Here is why you need to use this tool

Save your valuable time: This is an advanced tool, so this comes with a myriad of features that are used to check the compatibility of the web pages and the website in a short time. You no more need to look for each and every browser. This tool will help you to select the browsers and PC systems to carry out the test, and the results of the test will be displayed in no time.

Get a screenshot of the results: If there are any bugs, you can detect them in the screenshot and fix the issues immediately. After completion of the whole testing process, the test report will be given in the form of a detailed screenshot. You can check how the website is looking on each browser. You can check the results of all the web browsers after the test. If you want to see the behavior of the website on a specific browser, you can take the screenshot of that particular browser.

Get the results to your email: The website results would be emailed directly to the email address you have given while performing the test. When you are entering the URL of the site, you also need to provide the email address. You will receive an email once the test result on a specific browser is performed. This helps you to check the website behavior on different browsers. This is the most reliable tool that is used by the website owners. Be it you are working on a small or big website, you can use this tool to test

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