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Recovering Data after Factory Reset

People do a factory reset on their smartphones often. You will find some pretty good solutions about recovering data after factory reset on Soluno BC. Most of them take this action when their phone memory is full and their smartphone starts lagging or underperforming. Also, since people download all kinds of apps online, often their phones are infected with malware and need a little cleaning and proper maintenance. The option for a factory reset is to be used when you have some operational problems with your phone. If you do a factory reset, all data and all settings that are on your phone get permanently deleted. Your phone reverts to the same condition that it was when it came out of the smartphone factory, hence the name – factory reset. Phone technology and phone systems have unique characteristics. Read on to learn more about performing a factory reset and recovering your data.

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How recovering data after factory reset took place

Recovering Data after Factory Reset
Recovering Data after Factory Reset

Resetting your smartphone is easy. Just go to the Setting section on your phone, then go to the System settings and there you will find an option for Advanced settings. In this section, there is an option for reset. However, keep in mind to always back up your important information first before you chose to perform a factory reset on your phone. After you press reset everything will get deleted from your phone, including contacts, pictures, settings and anything else.

Many people wonder whether is it possible to recover everything after their phone has been factory reset. The answer to that is yes. Rest assured that you can recover everything back if you have previously done a proper backup of data. In any case – do not worry. Sometimes people can accidentally do a factory reset and lose something important, but a good thing is that it can be brought back by following a few steps. Online you can find some quality software and other tools which can help you retrieve back the lost data. Just go on the internet, download such software and use it for retrieving your information. The process is simple and fast and anyone can do it.

One of the best things you can do to ensure a smooth recovery of your data is to back up everything on Cloud storage. Today you have many good options online, including Google Drive, where you can store photos, videos, contacts, personal information. So that when you perform a factory reset you do not have to worry – just import everything back from the Cloud and your phone will be the same as before.

The factory reset is not something scary. Just do it if you notice that your smartphone is not operating at the best levels. Perhaps your memory is full and you need to delete some apps, photos or videos or perhaps malware got on your phone. Anyhow, save your important information on computer or Cloud service, do the reset and then get everything back on your phone as it was before.

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