Reliance Jio Trick to Remove 1GB Daily Limit 2017

Reliance Jio Trick to Remove 1GB Daily Limit 2017
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As we all know from 1st Jan 2017, there is a new plan from Reliance Jio, which is happy New Year Plan. In this scheme, the Data cap which was earlier 4GB per number has been low down to 1GB per number per day and after the limit is over you will get the speed of 128Kbps which is really very low, and you can only chat on WhatsApp using that speed. For heavy data users, the 1GB daily limit is not at all sufficient, and they need more.

So, for heavy users here we have a small working trick which will bypass the 1GB limit or we can say remove the 1 GB limit from your happy new year jio plan.

Note: Some of the tricks might not work because JIO team continuously update their bugs.

Jio Happy New Year Offer and Daily Speed Limit Explained!

Reliance Jio Trick to Remove 1GB Daily Limit 2017

Recently Jio has announced a Happy new year offer after their Welcome Offers et expired. This offer is applicable on every JIO user from 1st January 2017.

The new Jio happy New Year offer for free calling, SMS, and 4G Data, with a daily limit of 1 GB.

Bypass Jio 1GB 4G Data Daily Limit (Trick 1)

This is one of the simplest methods which will bypass your jio 1gb limit. If this trick won’t work for you, then uninstall myjio app from your phone and follow the steps.

  1. Turn off your mobile data and switch off your mobile phone.
  2. Now remove JIO sim from the phone and switch it ON.
  3. Now Go to settings>applications> and clear data of all jio apps (if not un-installed yet).
  4. Again switch off your phone and insert jio sim back.
  5. Now switch on your phone and turn on mobile data.
    That’s it. Your high-speed is back. Now you can enjoy 4g unlimited Speed in JIO.

Bypass Jio 1GB 4G Data Daily Limit (Trick 2)

  1. Go to settings>Mobile networks> select jio sim> then click on JIONET apn > there you need to change the APN protocol to ipv4/ipv6
  2. Now just start using mobile data from JIO. Use it normally till it reaches for about 700MB.
  3. After it reached to about 700MB, go to Youtube and download some videos using IDM (download only 3 to 6 videos)
  4. Now your mobile data speed will reduce or will just stop before 100MB remaining out of 1GB quota.
    If files get paused or get stopped, try resuming download multiple times, and If downloading get start means the trick has done his work.

  5. Now go to APN settings and change APN protocol from ipv4/ipv6 to ipv6
  6. After that use facebook, youtube and google to browse and consume around 50-60 MB data and restart your phone.
  7. Again use facebook/youtube/google for up to 5-10MB.
  8. Change the APN protocol settings from ipv6 to ipv4/ipv6
  9. Now, start/ resume youtube video downloads. You are able to get real 4g speed now.
    you are done. now you can enjoy more than 1 GB data without any speed cap.


So, These are some tricks which will help you to bypass JIO 1gb limit. If in any case, it won’t work in future, it may fixed by the Jio company. Hope you like this trick and if you have any questions you can ask and make sure to Follow us. Thankyou 🙂

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