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Have you heard about witchcraft called SEO or Search Engine Optimization? Well its not really witchcraft, but it is an exact science. SEO has been around for quite some time, in recent times it has been adopted by business as a popular online marketing strategy that assists in an organic lead generation. Nowadays, new algorithms are being introduced by Google to enhance the quality of SEO search results, and the main purpose of these algorithms is to search and destroy the rankings of those companies trying to game the system or who have placed low quality or copied content or thin content on their websites.

SEO in Australia and other parts of the globe have been known to boost website rankings significantly through the use of tools such as CMS reports, SEO ranking checkers, and many other various automation tools. These tools allow the SEO agent to monitor and analyze the performance of a sites rankings and traffic flow, which in turn is one key factor that enhances rankings and thus allows for more sales.  Apart from improving sales, these tools also play an active role in building a better web presence for you and your company through data analysis.

SEO is just one marketing strategy you can utilize amongst a myriad of options, however, ultimately you will need a foolproof strategy that includes organic SEO and social media, onsite code optimization, and even word of mouth to enhance your rankings appropriately.


Improving rankings is not as simple as it used to be. As businesses become more invested in SEO, rankings are becoming a top priority for most businesses. Certain techniques that worked for your company in the past, have now become unacceptable to use as deemed by Google and other search engines. Algorithms are getting smarter and upgraded on a regular basis, hence you need to stay updated on what is in and what is out. Your aim to improve your rankings will be futile if you can’t stay abreast of the headwinds caused by Google algorithm changes. Fail to find an ethical path of achieving that goal and your ranking could be headed to the bottom of the list – 30 pages deep. Therefore, its important for you to realize which strategies are black-hat (frowned upon to use) and which are white-hat (legitimate to use). Here are some strategies that help you do exactly just that and improve your ranking, without falling prey to the ethics code:

  1. Integration of SMO: Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a popular way of introducing brands or building a brand image, but in recent times it has also become a way of enhancing SEO. There are four factors that are considered important for optimization of any webpage:

o   Source code

o   Mention of brand(s)

o   Quality of content

o   The website, itself

As your brand expands, a footprint is built on social media. The number of times that your brand name is shared over social media has a direct effect on social indicators which Google looks at as one of many ranking factors. Social media is also important because it helps retain customers who keep re-visiting your brand, this is also another aim of SEO.

  1. Guest Posts: Guest blogging does not directly affect SEO; it is a more indirect way of helping your rankings. When you consistently post content that is of high quality, with in-depth knowledge of relevant products and services, your content will receive more social shares, this is going to improve your online visibility. As a result of this, your content begins to show the promise of high quality and value to the customer, and you get to enjoy the attention you deserve from Google. If you provide high-quality content, then you can truly improve traffic to your website. To ensure you’re on the path of a successful SEO strategy, you need to be mindful that all posts created by you are of high-quality and then you are set to improve your rankings. Note: “High-quality” in this instance really means great value to the customer, something that is original and meaningful that will genuinely progress a customer’s business or life in some way.
  2. Visual Stories: As mentioned before, high-quality content is going to earn you better rankings but adding some visuals to the content can further enhance it. Visualization has been shown to have a better impact on the audience. Photos and videos catch the attention of your target audience and help retain it. The visual stories will encourage your audience to stay with you and continue reading and interacting with your content, this, in turn, holds the attention of your customer, which in turn keeps them browsing on your site for longer, which is another positive indicator Google looks out for, called “Time on Site”.

It is true that visual stories hold the attention of clients much better than normal content, but you need to create it in a smart way. Here is where agencies offering SEO services can come to your aid. They will help you create visualized content, which catches and holds the attention of your visitors.

  1. Infographics Are one of the most powerful tools which can get your point across quite fast making them a popular strategy to use in SEO. Once the infographic is created, you need to get it across to as many people as possible. It can also be used to get top quality backlinks. All of this will be possible only if you carefully plan out the design of the infographic and the code embedded in it. Asking an SEO professional to help you craft and set up this content is a smart idea, otherwise, your rankings might not rise, even with all your efforts. Some people may over-look your infographic, but most will pay attention to it and then, you have enhanced your visibility among more potential clients. Happy Days!
  2. Mobile Optimization: Just like computers and laptops, smartphones have captured the market as well. Did you know that many websites are not mobile optimized? These sites are perhaps the least visited because visitors cannot see all the information within the mobile screen, hence visitors are bound to lose interest in the website – and increase your bounce rate – which is a bad SEO indicator.

As a business, you don’t want a negative impression given about your website.  Therefore, its crucial that your website is completely mobile optimized so when a person visits your site on mobile all the content is clearly laid out and visible for the users to interact with. This way your traffic and sales are bound to increase along with rankings. On top of that, there are chances that the customer will refer your site to friends, family, and colleagues because you have a professional looking site.  

  1. Content Marketing Strategies: You will have to beat your competition to grab the top position. This is possible only if you know what is acceptable and what is obsolete in content marketing.

One quick method is to observe content that is organically ranking in your area on search and pick the ones you feel are a good read. While reading the articles, asking some essential questions such as,

o   Would I have received more value from the content had it been written in long format

  • Would a more detailed approach grab the attention of more readers and site visitors?
  • What has the writer included in the content that is advantageous to the consumer?  Do I have similar items of value I can share my content?

After you have completed the analysis of the whole content peace, you will be left with indicators to create a mind-blowing content marketing strategy as well. Just remember to ask the right questions! If you have no idea about what questions need be asked, then you have the option to contact professional agencies with SEO services, who are bound to help you out.

  1. Incorporating a Relevant & Useful Blog: Blogging is a powerful tool, which few people know how to properly utilize. If you fail at doing so, you might end up losing visitors, rather than gaining a few and retaining the loyal ones. When you incorporate a blog on your website which has information relevant to your products and services, your customers will keep coming back. So, make sure that the blog content is top quality and has the power to capture the attention of your visitors. This way traffic increases along with the rating. Quality of content is also important for Blogs.
  2. Website Usability Consideration: Would you like to visit a website that is unnavigable?

o   Complex navigation

o   Cluttered website design

o   Low-quality content

o   Lacks branding

It’s not considered good practice for SEO if your website consists of the above points because it makes it harder for the customer to use your site, hence you don’t deserve to be ranked on page one.  You may need to seriously consider re-designing your site to ensure your site meets the requirements of good SEO. When bad website usability reduced the customer experience significantly and causes users to stop visiting your website, you will start losing out on high rankings. A website with low-quality content will lose out on rankings. Further, when keeping site navigation clear and simple, you stand to gain the following:

o   More interaction of CTAs (Call to Action)

o   Your website becomes usable for all visitors, new and old

o   Your brand becomes more memorable for users


When you set about deciding on online marketing strategies, you will not be able to ignore SEO or Search Engine Optimization factors. SEO is one of the few strategies that have shown to be effective in improving sales and bring brands success. For a successful brand, you need an innovative and effective SEO strategy.

With an effective SEO strategy will help enhance your rankings and you will be able to see improved online presence for your brand. Social sharing, targeted outreach and high-quality content with relevant keywords are just some methods of efficient strategies.

Remember that some strategies become old and obsolete so the guidance of a professional from a company or agency offering SEO services will be a good idea. These companies are up-to-date on which SEO strategies work best and can help improve your rankings. If you waste your time then you stand to lose out on rankings, so waste no more time, call in the experts and see your rankings reach the top.

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