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RenderForest Review – Best Online Video and Animation Maker

Videos are an important part of our life these days, and why wouldn’t they be? As a general audience you spent a lot of your time watching different kinds of videos, it can be on YouTube or TV or some other platforms. It’s everywhere, and as a demanding spectator, we have high expectations from every single video and advertisement that we see. I just mean that we all want a high quality, well-edited video with creative content.

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Well, to be honest, it is pretty tough to edit a video, render the audio, add extra special effects. Professional video editor spends hours doing that, which is too much work for a non-professional. It is, of course, possible to achieve great results and improve your skills in making a quality video but luckily there are other options which are less time consuming and give great results.

Renderforest is a professional tool for creating videos. It’s a cloud-based video making application which means you don’t even have to download it. Just log in to your account and starts editing from wherever you are and at any time you want. You don’t have to worry about the configuration of the computer or any sort of compatibility issue. The Cloud server will take care of your video editing requirements. Let’s see some of its intriguing features.

Video Templates: With hundreds of video templates, Renderforest is definitely one of the best options in the market. Simply select the “Video Templates” menu and you will be offered a variety of categories running from promotional template to Logo Animation templates to Slideshows and anything in between. The templates are carefully sorted and categorized to give you the opportunity to create the type of the videos which will suit your taste and meet your audience’s expectations. The video editor is extremely easy to use, simply select the images, scenes or footage you want to include in your video, add a music track or a voice over and that’s it. Your video will take a few minutes to render before it’s ready for publishing. You can edit the video as many times as you want and when you are happy with the results simply click Export.

Let’s dive in deeper and see what are the video templates offered by Renderforest:

Intro Videos: Whether you are looking for youtube or gaming intro or a memorable logo animation for yourself or your business. A variety of templates are there to fulfill your needs.

Slideshow Videos: Those templates let you create slideshows for business as well as personal use. Create slideshows with music, upload your own pictures or videos, edit the captions and texts. All of this is done online and after completing them you will have the awesome slideshow to meet your needs.

Presentation Toolkit: Well, I don’t think I have to tell you what a presentation is, we all have made one at some point and wondered if it’s good or not. No worry because with Renderforest it’s very easy to make a presentation, just drag n’ drop your images add some text and let the software take the rest.You can use this to create personal, travel or wedding presentations or to create a stylish presentation for your company or project.

Promotion video creation: Wondering how to promote your product? Well, Renderforest has some classic ideas on how to do that. Just select the template, add in the information and that’s it. Your professional promotional video is ready.


Well, we are really excited to recommend this platform for versatile video editing and we can’t really wait to master all of its toolkits in coming future. It’s simply amazing, sure it has some premium feature that you need to pay for access but you can create a free 360p video that is just perfect for Facebook publishing and presentation purposes. The company also offers pay per export plan, so if you’re planning to check it out for once they have got you cover, also if you’re looking for video editing for YouTube or something then try the monthly and yearly subscription; they are the best package. One of the best thing that I like is that; they store all our edited video on the cloud so basically, it’s always accessible; from anywhere.

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