RespoKare Anti-Pollution Mask Review: Best Re-Usable Mask !


These days in Delhi and even in Indian Air pollution is the most vital problem which we are facing and also going to face in near future if we are not going to start working on it. So, to help us out RespoKare, came up with a very affordable reusable and highly effective anti-pollution mask. As of now this is the only available mask in the market that will protect you from the wearer from both PM 2.5 particles and toxic gases like NO2 and is also reusable. In the RespoKare mask, we also get features of “Pollution Indicator” that indicates the level of NO2 gas.

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This Mask is not an ordinary mask which we can buy from any medical store for Rs. 10 or Rs 50. It is a high-quality mask which contains different layers or filters for extra protection and filtration of air while breathing. The best part of this mask is that it is washable and it won’t harm the fibre and filter.


Coming to the comfort part, RespoKare masks come with an adjustable and comfortable noseband which seems to be one of the best part which I got in this Mask. Due to noseband, the mask gives you perfect grip with a perfect fit which at the end ensure you with no leakage of air while breathing. This mask can block particulate pollutants such as dust, pollen, PM 10, PM 2.5, microbes, toxic gases and smoke from entering our body.

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RespoKare is priced at Rs. 399 but is available at a discounted price on many e-commerce websites. You can also buy the same from flipkart and other leading pharmacies and convenience stores in Delhi NCR. Until the time we do not understand about the pollution we need to use it.

Overall if you want a reusable mask which can give you best fit with proper protection then this one is for you. It won’t be pulling your pocket down with the heavy money of investment on the mask.

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